MC Marley

Next in the hot seat answering a few question's is one of the South Coasts finest mc's MC Marley.

1. MC Marley, with a career spanning back 10 years, what inspired you to get into the rave scene and start MCing?

I was originally into hip hop until clubs and DJ's in my area starting moving into the rave ting and before you know it everyone was at it, a couple of my friends Ramos, Supreme & MR Hyde played at a local club called the escape and I started MCing there.

2. Do you remember your first rave or your first booking? How much did you get?

I cant remember my first actual booking, probably a club in Cornwall we used to play at called the Shire horse, not sure what I was paid sorry!

3. Who have been your influences within and outside the rave scene?

Nobody really we have always done our own thing, but back in the early days I used to really luv listening to GQ and went to the paradise club many times, he is a great MC with a supreme style

4. You made your name with the RSR crew Ramos and Supreme (south west finest), how did you guys hook up together?

We have know each other for years and just stayed together as the scene grew

5. You, Ramos and the rest of the RSR crew played at many hardcore events up and down the U.K. i.e. Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Adrenalin etc. But what was it like when you played at events such as Quest / Pandemonium as these events were predominantly Jungle / Drum and Bass rather than hardcore?

Sometimes it was quite difficult and very intimidating but as people got to know us the respect grew, we always had a few problems with particular DJ's or MC's but overall it was fine and promoters such as pandemonium gave us great support and so did the ravers.

6. When you returned to Flashback last year (March 2003) did it bring back the same vibes / atmosphere that was once at Quest pandemonium?

It definitely brought back some memories but then every old skool party we do does as well. Also you can never recreate what it was like back then only those who were there really know.


7. What were your thoughts when Ramos decided to change his style completely from hardcore to techno back in 97?

At first I was a bit surprised and it didn't really suit my style but you have to be as fresh as you can and it's not my job to tell any DJ what to play. Also lets not forget Ramos and Billy Bunter were definitely pioneers at that time in their own right, so you just go widda flow.

8. You took a long break back in 97/98 and came back in the middle of 2001, what made you decide to come back and pick up the microphone once again?

To be honest I see and hear various reasons why it happened by people who have nothing better to do then gossip but in reality I never really went away. I have always been doing something in the scene at some point.
At that particular time as you have already said Ramos's music taste was changing so it was a good time to experience other projects like running my own record label call BUD Records (British underground dance) which unfortunately didn't do that well and the main project was running my own record shop called RSR Records, now with these two things I didn't really have a lot of time for mc'ing but I did still do local events which is really what I'm doing again now because I'm concentrating more on production with Geos and Raverbaby and also promotion which will hopefully be happening soon.

9. You seen hardcore change style over the many years that you've been mc'ing what do you think is the future for hardcore in the direction that it's taking?

I think the direction its going in now is where it will stay, on the more trancy and commercial tip with an element of cheese and hardcore which will always stay underground, the main artists will definitely push it more towards the mainstream market for a bigger audience and ultimately a bigger payday.

10. You've recently decided to spend more time on promoting rather than mc'ing, what's influenced you to decide to promote your own events and what plans do you have for the future?

Promoting is something I've been keen to pursue for some time but for various reasons just haven't had the time to follow up on. Towards the end of last year I was jointly involved with an event in Bournemouth with DJ Jedi, which was Oblivion v Ravedays, and I had my first major event planned for March this year in Worthing with a local promoter called Frenzik but due to internal problems with the club it was cancelled. I'm going to promote under the name of Ravedays which is the title of my website so I'm positive something will be happening on the south coast shortly. On a personal basis I still love the music old and new and still love the scene as a whole and I'm determined to stay involved for as long as possible but its getting to the stage where I need something else outside mc'ing to give me that buzz and I'm sure promoting my own event will give me what I'm looking for and I feel the experience I've gained over the years will help me no end and hopefully the ravers will agree!

11. You've also appeared and produced a few tune such as All Alone, Connection etc. do you have any projects in the pipeline?

My discography is actually a lot bigger then people realise, apartment from my obvious involvement with RSR there were tracks on Fusion and Hectic records with Ramos and Ufo such as crazy knowledge and midnight manoeuvres, another release on my own label with Ufo called on the move and a remix of Acid Sunshine on the Helter Skelter masters of hardcore series with Ramos and Billy Bunter. More recently the Raver Baby releases with UFO and a Hectech release with GEOS. At present I'm concentrating on more material with GEOS and we have forthcoming releases on DFM records, Remix reloaded and Essential platinum labels. Four of our tracks have appeared on compilation albums recently and Sy and Unknown have just finished a remix of our recent track Easy inside. Also there are plans to get back in the studio with Ramos to start a remix on happy love and a collaboration with Dougal and Gammer.

12. Late last year (2003) you played out at Enigma in the MC / DJ special how did you think that went your set?

I think the idea was excellent and I believe its been done a couple of times since and I myself will probably try it again at one of my events, the set itself was a bit of a nightmare but it was all done as a bit of fun. I have done quite a few sets over the last couple of years with DJ Robbo at Frenzik and also at the Zap Club in Brighton and its something I enjoy doing and will probably do again many times this year. I don't just play old skool I have recently started playing breaks which incorporates a rolling drum and bass/electro sound into a house set and am trying to gain some work locally, so would be happy to send a demo to anyone interested!!! (Unlikely)

13. What has been your favourite event that you've mc'ed at to date and why?

Very difficult to answer but probably Helter Skelter and Dreamscape in the mid 90's they were awesome! Also mc'ing in Australia and New Zealand because of the whole experience of being there and being the first ever hardcore MC in New Zealand was extra special.

14. Ramos still gets booked for oldskool sets do you think he'll come back and play more upfront sets or make some new material, do you know of his opinion of today's upfront hardcore??

Again that's a difficult question because life can throw up many surprises but my gut reaction would be no. I think he may return as a producer but not as a DJ. I know the re-launch of RSR and Hectic has not happened yet but remixes are in the pipeline I can assure you, it's just a matter of time.

15. What career path do you think you would of taken had you not became an MC?

My work as a MC and in music generally as never been my full time occupation except when we tried the record shop but that was only for two years. I have always worked outside the business because I have found it to be too insecure in regards to making a full time living out of it. Just like everyone else I have responsibilities like a mortgage to pay and a family to think of but a lot of artists do work full time in a professional capacity and good luck to them. Their have been opportunities over the years to really go full time and people still say to me know that I should but to be honest I'm happy with what I've achieved and with what I'm still doing now.

16. What advice would you give to any of the up and coming MC's trying to breaking through into the scene?

I'm a true believer that real talent always shines through in everything so if your good at what you do you will make it, it's as simple as that but it is more difficult in some ways now because their are more people trying to make it, DJ's and MC's but from what I've seen and heard we have some real talent breaking through on the decks, on the mike and in the studio. Its very difficult for them to get on the big events but I think slowly the promoters are starting to see that these guys are not only good but they can also pull a crowd so keep working hard and your time will come!!

17. Top ten tunes:
(In any order)

Sorry too many to mention but I will give you five for definite:

Old skool:
Crowd control/ Journey- RSR
Body slam (original)- GBT

New skool:
Heartbeatz-Breeze & Styles
Paradise-Breeze & Styles
Ordinary people - Dougal

18. Last but not least KFC or MacDonald's.


Shout outs:

To everybody that has supported me over the years from home and abroad especially the South coast crew, Destiny cru, Adrenalin cru, G spot cru, Rhythm station cru, Fusion cru, Oblivion cru, Dave @ Skelter, Murray @ ESP rip, Grant & Mike @ Slammin, all the RSR cru, Hixxy & all the RBC cru, the Geos cru, SY & Unknown, Dougal, Storm & Whizz, Charlie & Ribbz, Smiley & Odyssey, Sharkey, Slip & Slam, Bunter, Vinylgroover, Druid, Source FM cru, Zu & all the Cornwall massive (where it all began), Robbie long & Coyote, Chris chuff, Fugitive, Vinyljunkie, Clarkee, Force & Styles, Kenny in Scotland, Grant in New Zealand, Herb in Australia, all the original welsh nutters and anyone I've forgotten, sorry!

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I'd like to personally thank Marley for taking his time out to carry out this interview.

February 2004
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Words By Nitesh / Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'