MC Shortston

Next in the hot seat answering a few question's is one of New Breed's very own MC Shortston.

1. MC Shortston part of the new breed crew, were did the name "Shortston" come from, what inspired you to get into the rave scene and start mcing?

It came from back in the day when we were youts tagging the buses and streets of London. Them days everyone was either 'something - don' or 'something - gargon', these words in Jamaican patois means that your gangster or rude boy. True say I've always been short and kinda rude, one of my peeps just came out with it, you're more of a Shortston, I liked it and from there it just stuck.

2. Being a raver yourself do you remember your first rave?

Yeah I remember my first rave. It was thunder and joy at the raw club somewhere in central London on a Sunday night, to me it was alright but it wasn't as good as the dancehalls that I was going to previously. Then I went to Inner Sense at the Lazerdrome, Fuck me, I was home, no need to go anywhere else, that's when my love affair with DnB began.

3. When was it that you decided that you wanted to become a mc? Who have been your influences within and outside the rave scene?

Raving was 2nd nature and over the years from when I first started that mc's really touched the scene. Fearless and GQ were the first guys that I kinda looked up to, Navi, 5-0, Moose on Kool FM. Then Hyper D. Seeing these man hold a mic and tear up shop inspired me to go and write my own stuff, get it on lock and be spitting it for my bredrins and at parties kept with it. Improving with age and linked up with my dj called Smoke:e, we used to have at least 2-3 weekly session rinse outs kinda built the skills from there.

4. How would you describe your style of mcing?

As my own bruv, I've got fast chat mixed up with slow flow I'm not reliant on hip hop or ragga flows but sometimes the jamiacan in me comes flying out and I find myself spitting couple bars of patois. Fatman got me back into hip hop and now I can see little influences coming through into my style, it's kinda hard for me to describe, the best way is to say that it's my own.


5. You were recently voted as 2nd best up and coming mc at the Accelerated Culture Awards yet you've been mcing for a very long time. How does it make you feel that you still get classed as and up and coming mc?

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat when I heard the result, it meant that people felt what I'm doing and I got some recognition for it. About the up n coming bit, everybody is up and coming at some stage and until you work really hard at it you will stay that way. No one becomes an established mc over night, It's hard graft and dedication, and I still feel that I've got some more of that journey to complete.

6. As your part of the new breed crew (Fatman D, Foxy Eksman etc…) how did you hook up with these guys?

Us man have been boyz for time, to cut a long story short, Fatman and Foxy came up with a concept of a mc collective, myself Eks and Herbz along with the various other man built the clique up from the ground. Lee and Chuck provided the studio, music, etc, we've got DJ's who are Dazzler, Rekless, Crazylegs and Dready, profile is on our rosta as well. I hope that answered the question even though it's not too detailed. Check out the man dem on:

7. Not only have you mc'ed at some of the big raves in the U.K. but also been abroad. How does it feel when your mcin to a foreign crowd in English and yet can they really understand what your chatting?

I think that they can understand, but if not it's really about your lyric patterns, how you are riding the beat that they will lock on to. Some things are universal like 'make some noise' or 'who wants the rewind'. Other times you need to watch the crowd, find out what makes them tick, is it fast tongue or slow chat. Sometimes you may need to just chill and let the music do the talking. It's up to the individual to read the situation.

8. With crews like New breed, Rawhill etc. and also with MC MC now emigrated abroad, what is the scene like abroad?

Thriving, from the places that I've been it seems that DnB is on world dominance. I think that it is because they don't get to see us man for a long time that when we do come around they enjoy the parties immensely…

Quick time out to wish MC MC the best of luck………


9. Some the new breed members have recently appeared on a few tracks such as Foxy's "Ouch" have you got any future projects in the pipeline?

Funny you should mention that, my little production clique which consists of: Fatman, Shodan, Rekless and myself have come up with a little beauty with my vocals on it called 'Better Believe', tune's sick. So look out for that one

We have also completed some hip-hop tracks with Demoss productions that sound messy…

Also keep your eyes peeled for the new DnB label called 'Biological Beats',
which involves myself, Fatman and Terminal state. We've got some phat releases coming out over the next month or so, watch this space baby.

10. What does 2004 hold for you????

Really this year is about concentrating on bookings, getting my name out there and flying the New Breed flag. Getting the production together so that mans music, video's and dvd's can be out there. I'm working on New Breed clothing as we speak. But all things take time so there's no need to rush.

11. What career path do you think you would of taken had you had not become a mc?

Well mc'ing aint gonna last forever that's why man needs a back up plan, I'm studying media and film production at the moment so you never know next step might be Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!

12. What advice would you give to any of the up and coming MC's trying to breaking through into the scene?

I can't say it enough, Being original is one of the ways of being noticed. Come up with something that you have made, not bits of other people. Put your head down and concentrate over the next coming years, if it was meant to be easy everyone would be a mc.

13. Last but not least KFC or MacDonald's.

I ain't the greatest of fast food lovers, but KFC every time

Large up all new breed family, big up my family, peeps I work with. And all the ravers I meet week in week out New Breed baby!!!!!

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I'd like to personally thank Shortston for taking his time out to carry out this interview.
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March 2004
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