MC Whizzkid

Next in the hot seat Hardcore Til I Die resident MC, one half of the MC2 Duo and hardcore beatboxing mc.
Whizzkid MC.

1. Whizzkid MC, how does this name reflect you?

Like a mirror. Haha.

2. Do you remember how you got into raving?
What was your first raving experience?

I first got into Hardcore when a friend lent me a tape, lets just say I loved what I heard and it became paramount that I go to a rave. I went to a few local clubs first, one being Shock, which played alot of the top old skool Djs and MCs around at the time, and then built the courage (as I wasn't old enough) to go to a big rave. Fantazia in Castle Donnington was the first big rave I stomped at and maaan it was amazing. As I'm sure the other 24,999 people who went, would tell you!

3. Who have been your MC influences in and out of the rave scene?

I try to be original and not sound like anyone, so I don't know that anyone in particular influenced me, but there are loads of MCs in rave music as a whole who I like to listen to and big up for their skills. On an old skool vibe back in the day my favourites were people like Mad P, Conrad, Ribbz, Bassman, Lenny, Robbie Dee, Chalky White, Stevie Hyper D & Ruff (RIP), Scratchmaster Techno, etc, etc. Hardcore wise in 2004, its no secret that I like workin with the guvnor, MC Storm, I really enjoy our b2b sessions and hyping the crowd MC2 stylee, not only that, hes a good mate both in and out the raves. I also like workin with Odyssey, as like Storm I have worked with him for a long time now and big up his flows and style, as well as mic titans like, Marley, Smiley, Rude and Wottsee. And that's just naming a few MCs, I aint even got to my Hip Hop list yet. Ah well, another time!

4. What made you decide, "Yeah I wanna MC"

It's just something, even as a small kid, I wanted to do. I always loved my Hip Hop, and used to write raps and songs to B sides (instrumentals) of 7" singles (I know it was sad but I was only young!). I'd also try and scratch them up on my Mums HiFi, that went down well with her…not. Eventually, I saved and got my first set of amateur turntables when I was about 13, a while after that I got into rave music and started mixing and writing lyrics to it. It was always my passion for the mic that was the strongest and eventually mixing took a back seat as I started to concentrate fully on being an MC.

5. Originally you mainly MC'd for Breeze many years ago, what other DJ's do you enjoy working with?

There's loads ive had the pleasure of working with over the years, I always enjoy my sets with Scott Brown and Ive also got to big up the RBC (Hixxy, Styles, Breeze, UFO) who I regularly work with, and rate to tha minimax! But I mean there's soooo many DJs kickin ass with top quality tunage at the moment its brilliant, Energy, Seduction, Sharkey, Marc Smith, Sy, Billy Bunter, Dougal, Brisk, CLSM etc. etc. I think you get the general idea. If it's full on Hardcore then the chances are I'm enjoying it, it's hard not too.

6. Where was your first booking?
Do you remember who gave you your first break into mcin?

I DJ/MC'd at local clubs around the area at small venues to not very many people, then in 1995 somebody came up to me (at a pub set of all places) and said they liked what they heard and would I consider coming to a club, as they knew the promoter, to MC the first hour to see how the crowd reacted to me and how I went down. I couldn't believe it! Needless to say I nearly broke his arm off at the chance, the raves name was Hyperbolic in Kings Lynn. I had seen the flyers in the record shops I hung out in, and was in total disbelief that I was gonna get to MC there. When I arrived I was so nervous I could have collapsed, then I got inside and discovered that I would be on with DJ Clarkee. I was nearly quivering with nerves at this point, as I had been listening to him for years on various Dreamscape tapes and had never MC'd for a top jock before. PRESSURE! Thankfully, it all went well, and I was offered a residency, I stayed with Hyperbolic until they eventually closed down. Big rave wise, my first big crowd was at Helter Skelter with DJ Demo (Wicked!) and my first Official big rave /flyered booking was at Slammin Vinyl in 1998. To say I was buzzin is an understatement. I must have looked at that flyer a million times to check my name was still on it!

7. What does it feel like seeing the crowd go crazy to your lyrics?

It's a feeling I can't even describe. Unbelievable? Amazing? A dream come true? Nothing I can write will ever come close to the feeling.

8. If you could of mc'd at any past event, which rave would it have been, and why?

Well, I guess it would be pretty mad to MC to 25,000 ravers as the guy's back then did at Fantazia, when I first went. So that's a possibility. I'd have liked to have seen the rave from a stage perspective, it must have been crazy. Can you imagine?

9. Recently you were seen enjoying Mad P the voice of Topbuzz at Illusion.
What was it like to see one of your lyrical inspirations in full flow?

Well, I was a big Top Buzz fan back in "tut" day, and always looked forward to their sets at raves, so when I heard they were doing an oldskool comeback set I was buzzin. Bonus factor was, that Storm and I were booked at the same rave in the Hardcore arena. Storm is a big fan aswell, so we found our place with our crew on the dancefloor and I think we all brocked out for the whole set! Even old MC Rude came and had a bop! Skill!!!

10. As a Raver yourself you've seen Hardcore change in all its various forms, from 92 right up to this present date 2004.
What I am trying to get at is what do you think is the future / direction that hardcore is taking in 2004 and beyond?

The music at the moment is fantastic, at all levels, and all styles. Even some of the demo CDs I've had from up and coming producers recently are just amazing, so that's very reassuring for the scene as well. Not to mention the production quality of releases in general across the board, is now second to none. So in my opinion, the future is looking rosy for Hardcore music. There is more and more up n coming DJs and MCs getting interested, our raves are getting busier (well they're sold out!), the atmosphere in the raves is electric, the DJs, MCs, and Producers, kicking it week in week out are among the best in the world and are all genuinely excited about Hardcore, and of course the ravers ARE the best in the world full stop. Hardcore is strong and getting stronger, so its all good!

11. What has been your favourite year as a Raver?

1992, hang on its, 1994, umn, 1995, whoops I mean, 1998, nah gotta be, 2004, no wait, 2005 looks tasty. Erm…(whistles.. " Keeps on Getting Better.")

12. What career path would you have taken had you not become a mc?

I went to stage school for a while when I was young and was into acting and music. So, maybe that's what I would have followed. I had some great experiences back then, going to auditions, not knowing what it would be like etc. etc.. I even got to be an extra on Eastenders and The Bill. Haha, Soopa Skill!

13. Looking back on your MC career which have been your favourite events that you've mc'd at and why?

That's simple…all of them. Both good experiences and bad, they all help shape the future. (Starts whistling, " Keeps on Getting Better" again.)

14. What advice would you give to anyone thinking about becoming a hardcore mc?

Rome wasn't built in a day, "If your true, you'll get through, and that's a fact, I'm living proof."

15. Recently you mc'd at Slammin vinyl for the last ever event at the Sanctuary Milton Keynes.
How did it feel to mc at this event knowing that come 6am this venue was to finally to close it's doors after 12 years?

I was absolutely wounded, that place held loads of memories for me. I felt really proud to be performing at the event, and what an event it turned out to be. Doing DJ Seductions set in the Sanctuary with MC Storm and MC Odyssey was absolutely fantastic, the crowd were Live! Yet it was gutting to know that it was the last time I, or anybody else in the Hardcore scene, would be pumping out the music that was famed at that venue for the past decade and a bit. I was equally as saddened watching Sy, Slipmatt and Seduction with MC Storm in the Fasttrack arena, as that place kicked arse as well. I was thinking this is it man, last time here, I didn't want them to stop playing, they were excellent! Not forgetting the Rollers arena of yesteryear also, that place was wicked in its day as well. But, everything happens for a reason, and the new clubs/ venues and complexes that have been discovered by promoters are the lick, so maybe it was a good thing after all. Bring on the new places I say. Yeah Boy!

16. KFC or McDonald's?

Don't get me wrong Colonel Harland Sanders is cool, and always satisfies with his chicken dishes, but I tend to eat round at Ronalds more often, me and Hamburglar go way back.

Top Ten Hardcore tunes (in any order)?

I got so many faves that every time I get asked this question I try and give different answers to previous interviews, so here goes, random and in no order:

1.Acen "Trip To The Moon"
2.Justin Time "Help Me"
3.DJ Error "Died Oh Rip"
4.M&M feat. Rachel Wallace "I Feel This Way"
5.Yum Yi "Tantric"
6.Bang the Future "Body Slam"
7.Darren Styles "Getting Better."
8.Shades of Rhythm "Extacy"
9.Terrorize "Its just a feeling"
10.Blame "Music Takes You"

There you go a mixture of old and new, and every one a hardcore slammer.

Ok, finally, its your turn to give some Shout outs:

Marcia (Sexy Baby), My Family, MC Storm (MC2 on water?) and Sarah, Jonno (DTR), Rude boy Rob, J4, NAP crew, James n Charlie, Lisa n Phil and the gang, Gaz n Pip (congrats on the baby raver), Eric n Tash, Nathan n Chelle, MC Odyssey, The RBC - Hixxy (End of Timeeee), Styles and Breeze (Popstars) and Jo, UFO. MC Marley, Scott Brown, Jane and Kirsty, MC Smiley, Seduction and MC Rude, Kev Energy, Brisk and Ham, Sharkey, Marc Smith, MC Wottsee, Billy Bunter, CLSM, Demand, G Spencer, Force, Stompy, Flyin, Cris E Manic and Uplift, MC Presha and Fiona, Dougal and Gammer, Demo, Sy and Unknown, Recon, HB (Gabs) and Ponder, D-ice and Reality, Sketchy and Compulsion, Clarkee, Mark EG, Robbie Long and Devastate, Oli G and Mozz, UHF, Ribbz, Charlie B, Druid and Vibes.

All the gang at the following events- Slammin Vinyl, Hardcore Heaven, UD, HTID, Uproar, True, Helter Skelter, Sidewinder, BPM, Future Vibe, Vibalite, Tasty, Tidy/ Magna, Polysexual, Frantic, Fruit Club, Delirium, Bedlam, Elevation, Diz, Jellybeanz, HI, Experimental, Elation, Diehard, Illusion, Absolute Hardcore, Planet Hardcore, Jedi, The Lock Up, Flashback, Bring Back the Bounce, and all the promoters representing hardcore, big up!

Radio One for having us on, and all the other stations kickin it. Big shout to the Ravin Eye Crew for all your efforts for hardcore, and never failing to make me laugh whenever I read it, Skill. All the different raving crews from around the country I've got to meet over the years, respect is due to you. PTW, Rush Plus, Ilson, The W Team, etc etc. Nitesh for being a geezer @,,,, Ukscene,, HF, Gurn, and all the safe internet ravers. Blah Blah Blah, I'm going on, it's like an Oscars speech, put ya name here to save me time. --> (………..)

Finally,my maximum respect goes out to all the ravers who have helped create the scene that it is today, from old to new. You are the backbone of the Hardcore raves, and you lot rule! Pump Pump!

I'd like to personally thank Whizzkid MC for taking his time out to carry out this interview.

Don't forget you can catch Whizzkid and Hixxy's new tune "End Of Time"
On the latest "Hardcore Til I Die 2", album hitting your shops very soon !

October 2004

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