Official Flashback statement

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in sending this message out, we have had many meetings and issues to try and sort out since Saturday.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who came to Flashback's 10th Birthday. Those people who were there will tell you what a wicked night it was and the crowd were the usual brilliant Flashback party people. We thank all those people for their patience getting into the venue and for helping the vibes stay so good all night.

Flashback's 10th Birthday was always going to be a very special night and we were aware of the responsibility we had to many people who hadn't been raving for years to put on a truly outstanding party. Everything about the event was planned to perfection with much attention to detail and many months of hard work with things like free tape packs, limos organised, many free tickets given away on forums, competitions set up to win loads of stuff, the chance to play the first hour in the main arena, setting up a website, extra lighting and production etc.

The eventual downfall of the event was a number of incidents occurring at the same time beyond our control added to the fact that it was a new venue to us and the overwhelming task of checking everyone's door codes. If any of these things had happened in isolation, there would not have been such a problem getting people through the door efficiently. We have now been dealing with refunds and for those who have not yet contacted us can do so using one of the following ways:

1) email

2) email

3) phone 08707 544 445

Make sure you include your name, contact number, your door collection code and how many tickets you purchased.

We are all very upset and disappointed with the way things were dealt with on the night and for the inconvenience caused to all our Flashback ravers.

We would also like to apologise to everyone that was turned away and will do our best to complete the refunds as quickly as possible.

Listed below are answers to common questions that have been asked:

Q) Why did I not get into the venue even though I paid in advance?

A) Around midnight, the police turned up, entered the venue and briefly walked around and then released this statement: 'It is our opinion that there are too many people in the venue and that there are still several hundred outside'. 'Because of this, we are not allowing anyone else into the venue'.

FB would like to add) This is totally untrue, at the time the police turned up, there were 900 people in the venue with around 500-800 still in the queue - these people consisted mainly of pre-paid customers and those hoping to pay on the door.

Q) Flashback have deliberately over sold the event to make money.

A) This is not the case, this was a new venue for us and we stuck to the legal capacity. Regular customers of the Custard Factory will tell you there was plenty of room in the venue and the police were unjust with their decision to close the doors.

Q) The queue was massive and slow moving and when we got in the venue it was half full. How can you blame the police for this.

A) Flashback has not used this venue before and there were some teething problems that slowed the queue down. It was taking longer than was expected but eventually, everyone would have got in. If the police had worked with us and not against us, this would not have happened.

Q) The venue was rammed inside, so we were never gonna get in.

A) At its peak, there were 900 people in the venue. If you read some of the comments people have left that got in, they confirm how quiet it was and that loads more would have fit in

Q) I can't get through on the telephone numbers and haven't had a reply to my email?

A) Please keep trying with the phone number, you will eventually get through. We are replying to all emails within 48 hours - don't think we are ignoring you, we will deal with all enquiries

Q) Flashback is nothing like what it used to be, they are just in it for the money.

A) If this was the case, we would have cancelled loads of artists to save money or not put on such a wicked production show. Every single artists turned up and played and the lighting, lazers & projection screens were mind blowing - ask anyone that went

Q) When I asked for a refund I was told to wait.

A) This is obviously not what you want to hear but we need a bit of time to sort out all refund enquiries. The best way to contact us would be to send an email with all your details and we are trying to complete the refund within 48 hours.

If your enquiry or any questions have not been answered please do get in touch - send us an email

Finally, we know there are a lot of people out there who are rightfully angry and all your comments have been noted. We are devastated that this one-off party has ruined your night out. We have always tried to put on the best events we can and have always done it for the ravers.

From the Flashback crew