"Top One Nice One Get Sorted"

Altern-8 two of hardcore's biggest names rave's yesteryear's Mark Archer and Chris Peat.

Originally Altern-8 started out as Nexus 21 a techno band , when the two decided to start producing rave track's the name was changed to a name to what we all know and love "Altern-8".

Altern-8 produced great tracks such as 'Infiltrate 202', 'Move My Body', Frequency and of course two of the ultimate rave anthems 'Activ8' which samples the voice of MC Crazy Clair "Top One Nice One Get Sorted" and of course 'E-Vapor-8' this is the moment they've been waiting for Altern-8.......which also features famous piano sample from Rhythm is rhythm track 'Strings of life'.

Altern-8 known for there PA's with their chemical warfare suits, dust mask's filled with vick's vapour rub one of the few of rave's legends to appear on top of the pop's.

In the true words of Altern-8


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