Baby D
Baby D live on stage with MC Nino

"Come take a trip to my wonderland"

Baby D consists of
Dorothy Fearon (the lead singer), Nino - the MC and Floyd Dyce - the writer/producer.

'Let me be your Fantasy' was released back in 1992, a massive underground hit. It was in 1994, two years after it's original release that 'Let me be your fantasy' was signed to London records and re-relased untouched in its originally form going straight in at number 1.

Baby D part of the production house also released an album called 'Deliverance' featuring tracks such as, 'I need your loving', Casanova, 'So Pure' and 'Daydreaming' to name a few.

Floyd Dyce is also responsible for other tracks working on the 'Production house' record label with various projects such as 'DMS', 'House Crew' and 'Acen' to name a few.

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