DJ Clarkee

The original resident of the legendary ESP at Milwaukee's . Having worked in a sports shop in Northampton where he met with Murray Beetson (RIP) .

Clarkee did used to play break beat hardcore around 91 - 92 but went with the hard techno sound.

A massive Techno / gabber dj playing the harder sounds he also started his own label Area-51.

2006 see's Clarkee saying a farewell to the UK as he plans on emigrating to spain.

DJ Dougal

One of hardcore's original founders from the early days, making his DJ'in debut at the tender age of 15.

Dougal is known for his Euphoric and Uplifitng Vocally sets.

Dougal alongside DJ Hixxy togerther they formed the Essential platinum label. with relases appreaing on varioous albums including the hghly accalmied 'Bonkers 'series

Dougal still currently produces on Essential Platinum and has been working hard in the studio working alongside DJ Gammer, with vocalist's Jenna and Lisa-Marie producing dance floor slammers.

DJ Druid

DJ Druid part of the south coast crew having residency at the rhythm station in aldershot. playing alongside the likes of Hixxy, Sharkey, Ramos and Supreme.

Known for his 95-96 bouncy techno sets, DJ Druid can guarentee to get the party bouncing !

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