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"Boom Boom Boom"

Two time winner (2003/4) of the Best Hype MC at the Accelerated Culture Drum and Bass Awards, MC Fearless can be found tearin down dancefloor's up and down the UK and abroad every weekend.

Not only does Fearless mc but has been spotted behind the wheels of steel too. Fealress is also the CEO of Hustlin' beats.

Being part of the scene from it's early days Fearless is one of the original dons. With his Hard hittin and rolling lyrics Fearless is definite a crowd favorite !

JungleTechno has managed to interview Fearless.
To read the interview check HERE.

MC Eksman


MC Eksman's career like many other MC's started out on the London pirate radio scene, having a weekly slot on Ruud awakening.

Eksman is part of the new breed collective with mc's Herbsman, Shortson, Fatman D, Foxy to name a few.

In 2003 at the Acceleratd Culture Drum and Bass Awards, Eksman won Best Newcomer MC, but it was the following 12 months that he won Best Lyrical MC to finally beat Skibadee who had won the award consecutively since it started back in 2001.


"Ouch Ouch ruff neck Scout"

MC Foxy started off in the rave back in '91 when he went to he monday club which was ran by the Ratpack.

It was in 96' that would travel up and down the UK with the great Stevie Hyper (RIP)and Nicky Blackmarket part of the 'Blackmarket family'.

Teaming up with Fatman D in'97 saw the arrival of the New breed collective, which has grown from strength to strength.

In 2003 Foxy won best MC at the Knowledge magazine awards.


"Pump it up with the DAAANGER"

The voice of jungle drum and bass.
GQ has been mcin way back in the 80's mcing mainly to reggae, hip hop, soul basically any forms of "Black dance music". From there GQ progressed forward mcin at many jungle events, even mcin for hours nonstop holding the stage on his own.
GQ has seen the rave scene transform over the many years.

GQ Has been booked at many raves Including AWOL, World Dance, Helter Skelter plus many more raves.

The voice and style that is GQ with rolling lyrics and letting the music do the talking. GQ is the DJ's MC!


"Super S-K-I-B-A-D Double E Skibadee"

Like many of the top drum and bass mc's Skibadee started his career within the London Pirate radio scene.

Starting out on Crystal FM, Skibadee linked up Fever's resident DJ Wildchild, who sent a demo to the legendary Eastman (who owns London Kool-FM).

From there his career blew up bigtime, having been voted Best MC for 3 years consecutively at the Accelerated Drum and Bass Awards (2001,2,3).

Adding his vocals to Dillinja's, "Twist 'em out" Skibadee has become a household name.

Shabba D

"London, London, London..."

Shabba D started his career from a very young age with a MC career spanning 10yrs. In 1992 Shabba was resident at the establish London rave Telepathy, along with being involved on the radio pirate scene Weekend Rush.

In 1996 Shabba joined the infamous Kool FM which helped gain a wider audience. Since then you can find Shabba booked at nearly every massive rave.

Shabba has also teamed up with MC Skibadee to form the "SAS".
Along with his highly blessed crew and teaming up with Skibadee to bring the MC Convention Raves.


"Party People what you say ??"

In 1994 IC3 was at the Notting Hill Carnival were IC3 teamed up with Navigator, Five-0, DJ Ron. With his catchy style of lyrics and rhyme's, IC3 got a residency at Samantha's

It was in 97 were he linked up with the major players within the scene Including Hype, Andy C as it was then that he teamed up with Kool-FM, London.

These day's IC3 can be seen with his longtime friend Mampie swift tearing down dancefloor across the globe aka 'The awesome twosome'

ps Did you know IC3 is a qualified Actor.


"It's a Birmingham thing "

MC Biggie orginally part of Birminghams very own Kool FM stable. It was resident DJ Devise that asked the Kool Fm management to bring in Biggie. It was here that Biggie was able to work alongisde the likes of Moose, Dynamite, and well the rest was history.

Biggie has mc'ed at various major event around the uk and also has been overseas gaining a large fan base.


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