One of the UK's leading oldskool nights. Mistress Mo and Jimmy started out from Birmingham's university. As Birmingham was over run with house nights playing the same music hosting their old skool hardcore reviving the memories from the early raves days of the 90's the Flashback night had music policy.
The style that DJ's such As SY Slipmatt and Seduction would play back in 90-92 early rave music.

As more and more people heard about the Flashback vibe, Flashback combined with another Friday night event Crunch. With a sell out first event at the combined crunch/flashback this was the start of new things to come....
A change of music policy was needed with the introduction of oldskool drumnbass As in 1998 Flashback hosted their first ever event at the legendary Que Club with Grooverider's 93-94 jungle /drumnbass
being at the Que enabled flashback to try different music styles As the upfront drumnbass arena with a strict no MC's policy As this room was hosted by Birmingham's Prosession crew .The drumnbass room was moved to the chapel arena of the Que club with DJ's such as DJ Rap, Ray Keith, Bad Company, Andy-C just a few name that have graced the arena.

In 2000 with the loss of Helter Skelter Flashback embarked on a change with an introduction of another arena hard house/ trance/ techno with nutcases Mark E.G. and M-Zone being residents this was a successful gamble with DJ's including Paul Kershaw, Billy Bunter, Brisk, Jez and Charlie another few to name.

The array of artist that have played in the main arena from SL2, SY, Slipmatt, Vibes, Ray Keith, Grooverider being the first to bring live Pa's from the likes of Baby-D, Altern-8, Shades of Rhythm the Flashback rave has come from strength to strength being different. Being an established night Flashback have graced the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes and The Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet hosting the oldskool arena, for Slammin vinyl.

As we embark on another change on the Flashback story as the loss of the Que Club Flashback have had to move to another venue being able to cater all 3 styles of music under one roof the Sanctuary, Digbeth Birmingham. With an amazing line up bring hardcore, drumnbass and of course oldskool to another level in Birmingham.

All we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

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