Kenny Ken

Kenny Ken one of the original Jungle don's, playing drum and bass before it got it's title.

Kenny Ken was part of the rave scene since its early days from way back in 1998. Kenny was at a rave called Genesis, and when one of the DJ's didn't turn up Kenny decided to take it upon himself to take control of the crowd on the wheels of steel.

Kenny got his nick name Mix'n'Blen through the style of mixing and he would try and keep the mix within two tunes for as long as he could.

Working alongside the late great Stevie Hyper D. Kenny Co-own's the label Mix'N'Blen with his brother fellow DJ Stingray.

DJ Krome

DJ Krome along with MC time, the duo have worked together on numerous classic rave tracks.

Being signed to Suburban base label the duo went onto create numerous anthems such as 'This is the sounds for the underground' and 'The Slammer' both still played today at parties up and down the UK.

During the '94 Hardcore Jungle split Krome and Time dabbled in breakbeat hardcore with Zodiac records producing 'Everybody can be free'.

This came out the same time as the release of 'The license' on their own label Tearin' vinyl which saw the release of both 'The License' and 'Ganja Man'.

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