DJ Ratty

DJ Ratty hailing from Leamington-spa, midlands. DJ Ratty like many others at the time was influenced by the hip hop scene and got onto house music.

Ratty was more into scratching rather than mixing, which he soon learnt after.
Back in the day you would find Ratty having Robbie Dee mcing for his set, a great dj and mc combination.

Teaming up with fellow Midlands DJ Tango, these two went onto produce 'Tales from the darkside' and 'Final Conflict'.

Roni Size

Bristol's very own Drum and Bass pioneer, bring the sound to the masess.

Meeting up with fellow bristolian's Krust, Suv, and Die they setup thier own label Full Cycle, and formed there own band Reprazent.

Roni Size and co have produced fnot only Full cycle but also V Recordings, producing monster hits such as the infamous 'Brown paper bag', 'It's jazzy','Snapshot', '26 bass' and the sought after 'Trust me' to name a few.

Roni size and his band Reprazent's debut album New Forms won the coveted Mercury music prize in August 1997.

Ray Keith

The Renegade aka Dark Soldier: Ray Keith.

In 1994 Ray Keith started his label 'Dread recordings' soon to be followed by 'Penny Black' and 'UFO Records'.

Producing and remixing prolific tracks like 'The Chopper', 'You Got Me Burning Up', 'Dubplate' and 'Yes Yes' aswell as the infamous Terrorist on Moving Shadow.

Ray Keith can be found working alongside Nicky Blackmarket at Blackmarket records.

DJ Rap

Rave's first lady DJ Rap, Rap started her carrer into Hip hop, producing one of raves biggest anthems 'Devine rhythms ' aswell as working with Aston on Suburban Base records.

Like many of the oldskool DJ's starting on London's many pirate stations.

Rap got her her break at a rave when a DJ didn't turn up and played in his place and well the rest is history.

Raps' label Proper Talent host's many jungle anthems such as 'Spirtual aura' 'Intelligent woman' and 'Pressure Roll'.


DJ Randall one of the greats from the drum and bass scene.

Like many other dj's of this era Randall started his career playing on various pirate radio station's with him being featured on centreforce fm. It was from here that his name and reputation grew.

Randall has watched the rave scene evolve from acid house into drum and bass. Having a residency at the infamous AWOL at the Paradise club and now Metalheadz.

Playing the darker sides of drum and bass, which explains his residency at Metalheadz.

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