Quosh Records

DJ Sy and Unknown with MC Storm

Quosh records formed by both DJ Sy and Unknown back in 1994, it was at a Fusion event in Hampshire where the duo both met. DJ SY used to play out a lot of Unknown's solo work and liked what he was hearing, together they joined forces.

Together the duo have released massive hits over the years on various labels including Triffik Toons, Homegrown, Hectic and of course their own label Quosh records.

The first release on Quosh was 'Cheddar 1', which is a collectors items to many ravers. Other artists to have appeared on Quosh include DJ Demo, MC Junior, DJ Kurt, Joey Riot Cris-E-Manic.

MC Storm, being Sy's MC, Storm has also helped inside the studio by adding his vocals skills onto records including 'Scratchin', 'Ravers anthem', 'Everybody Say Yeah'. Recently the duo have signed vocalist 'Lou Lou' of 'Making me wanna dance' fame to Quosh records.

Various hits that have appeared on their label include, 'Techno Harmony', 'Choose One', 'What is a DJ ?', 'Dread Land', 'Devotion', 'Sensation' and more recently 'Makin me wanna Dance'.

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