Lipmaster Mark and MC Evenson Allen.

Rave legends in their own right, In 1985, as Evenson was DJ playing soul and hip-hop at the Locomotion Soul Sound System and Mark was a Human Beatbox. Mark was introduced to Evenson and was asked to beat box over one of Evenson's sets. With the success of this set and where ever Evenson would play Mark would follow.

In 1986 the Locomotion Soul Sound System split and The RatPack Soul Sound was formed. When the acid house scene hit london the duo onto the new craze. The ratpack crew with their own system started hosting their own parties at various warehouses called 'Trip City'.

At one of the night's a DJ didn't turn up and Mark and Evenson had fill in for them, Evenson was on the mic sinign over the records and Mark was DJing the crowd were overwhelmed and the Ratpack duo was born. The rest is history.

The Ratpack duo started to get established as DJ's gaining bookings for promoters, playing alonsigside the likes of Carl Cox, Grooverider, Mickey Finn etc..

In 1989 the Ratpack set their sights on producing their own music. Their first record titled 'Jaffa Cakes', This release gave the Ratpack the confidence to excel in Music production.

In 1991 the duo released 'Searchin for my rizla' which went in straight at number one in the UK charts. With the success of 'Searchin for my rizla', this gained the Ratpack national interest and the bookings soon came flooding in. Soon after they had received international booking playing abroad to countries such over europe and further a field including Japan and Australia.

In 1993 saw ratpack release another mastrpiece 'Captian of the Ship (Lords of the Dance)' on Fantazia records. Shortly after they signed with Logic BMG for three years, which saw them touring every city and club in Germany, for three years.

In 1996 the Ratpack returned home rocking the crowds of the UK once again!
Being asked to mix on the 'Oldskool Masters' and other oldskool compilations, shortly after they set up thier own record label Ratpack Music to release thier own music on.

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