DJ Sy started his DJ career as a Hip Hop DJ, having a residency in Nottingham it was here that Sy learnt his trade and his reputation as the scratchmaster and went onto gaining bookings at Amnesia, Dreamscape, Fantazia and playing up and down the uk on a regular basis.

Sy stuck with with hardcore through thick and thin with his very successful label QUOSH alongside producer DJ Unknown.

Sy has went onto produce various hardcore anthems with fellow producer Unknown, in their studios based in Aldershot.

DJ Sy is renowned as the Scratchmaster working alongside his MC Storm the vocal

DJ Sy has won Best DJ category at the 2005 and 2004 Hardcore Heaven Awards.

Scott Brown

DJ Scott Brown hailing from Glasgow Scotland has made a massive impact in the hardcore scene within the past 5 years. Tho Scott's career spans for over 10-15 years.

Starting out in his band Q-tex releasing 'Power of love' which was a massive success back in '93, performing a live PA at Fantazia Big Bang in '93.

Scott setup his record label Evolution records in '94 to cater for the bouncy techno sound. With classic titles such as 'Now is the time' and'do what you like'

In 2000 Scott Browns popularity increased earning him many bookings at english raves. Whilst continuing to produce high quality music on his Evolution label thus finally gaining a regular spot on mixing for the Bonkers compilation.

In 2003 Scott Brown won the Best DJ category at the Hardcore Heaven awards.

DJ Slipmatt

The godfather of Hardcore DJ Slipmatt, Slipmatt been involved with the rave scene right from the early acid house days, it was in '89 he got his big break playing at Raindance.

Slipmatt teamed up with DJ Lime, to form the duo SL2, the duo produced 1992 rave anthem 'On a ragga tip', leading to chart success and an appearance on Top of the Pops'

When the scene split where he took the hardcore route. Slipmatt did release 'Breaking free / Hear me' a crossover Hardcore / Jungle release.

It was in 1995 Slipmatt set up 'Universal records', having success with his previous project the 'SMD' series.


Leicester very own DJ SS head honcho of Formation records. SS has been involved in the scene right from it's early days. DJ SS an original breakbeat pioneer who has made an immense contribution to today's drum & bass sound.

SS has produced tracks such as as 'The Psycho E.P', 'Rhythm For Reasons', 'Breakbeat Pressure', the Drum & Bass anthem 'Black', 'MA2' and the infamous 'Lighter' (which samples the piano from Love Story).

Stu Allan

Manchester's finest DJ Stu Allan, part of the original oldskool crew playing regularly at the Eclipse in Coventry as well as Entropy's in Stoke too.

Stu Allan pushed Hardcore in the north west area hosting his hardcore radio show on Manchester's Key FM.


One of rave pioneers creating the JungleTechno sound one of oldskool's biggest anthems Living in Darkness.

Ever since going their own seperate ways, Jason kaye carried on playing oldskool under the Topbuzz name.

In 2002 Jason and Mikey B (Dream Team) decided to play a one off special under the "Topbuzz" name at a Quest reunion party.

More recently (2004) the voice of Topbuzz Mad "Patrick" P was reunited with Jason Kaye. To bring back 2/3's of the orginal Topbuzz crew.

(Jason Kaye right, Mikey B, left)

JungleTechno has a web exclusive being able to intervew Mad P.
To read the interview check HERE.

DJ Seduction

DJ Seduction respected figure in the hardcore scene, responsible for one of the massive oldskool track s' 'Hardcore Heaven' and 'Come on', which was released on Pete Tong's FFRR label.

Having played to crowd in excess of 25,000 ravers. Having at events such as Fantazia, Obsession, Helter skelter, Dreamscape etc..

From the success of Hardcore Heaven he setup his own label Impact records, with over 60 releases.

Being a successful DJ and producer was not enough for Seduction as he ventured onto promoting his own all night parties 'Hardcore Heaven' and 'United Dance'.

Seduction went into retirement back in 1999 and came back in October 2000 playing strictly oldskool.

Seduction's mind soon changed and in 2003 he went back to the studio and setup a new label Maximum Impact. Still with the promoting bug Seduction put on his event Uproar.

DJ Styles

Darren Styles worked alongside DJ Force for the early part of his glittering career.

Click HERE to read about Force and Styles.

Fastrack to 2001 and with the arrival of DJ Hixxy's Raver Baby it was about this time that Styles had met fellow DJ, DJ Breeze together they produced 'Future set'.

In 2002 'You're shining' was released and what a massive impact this had on the scene, as this won best track at the Hardcore Heaven Awards in 2003.

Darren has applied his vocal talents to many of his releases including 'You're my angel','Jealous' and the Award winning 'Save Me'.

Darren has been working very closely with 'All Around the World' with the release of the 'Clubland X-treme Hardcore' series.

At the 2005 Hardcore Heaven Awards Darren Styles walked away not only with One Award but THREE Awards.
Winning Best DJ, Best Producer and Best track !!!!

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