DJ Unknown

DJ Unknown used the name 'Unknown' mainly due to the records he was producing contained a lot of samples and there was a certain amount of anonymity about the name.

Unknown known for his production work working alongside DJ Sy. Producing various tracks since 93 for various labels, including Homegrown, Hectic, Triffik Toons and of course Quosh.

SY and Unknown formed Quosh back in 1994, it was at Fusion where the duo both met and formed the label.

Most of the time Unknown has been booked to play alongside DJ Sy, but can also hold his own. Unknown has played at various events up and down the UK for many years for events like Helter-Skelter, Dreamscape, Fusion as well as oversea's. In early 2006 Unknown played in Sydney, Australia at the 'Uper dome' to 8,000 ravers !

DJ Vibes

DJ Vibes started out his DJ career as DJ Navigator playing on pirate radio station at his friends garage tho with the authorities closing them down.
DJ Vibes was born.

DJ Vibes teamed up with Wishdokta to co-produce ‘Sing It Loud’, and ‘Music’s So Wonderful’. In 1993 Vibe had gained a residency at the Roller express gaining a reputation which led to other bookings. Vibes started his own labels Asylum and Raver choice series which includes Techno Wonderland.

In 1995 the Vibes and Livelee show was born taking them across the UK.

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