It’s All About The Core
The Buttermarket
Friday 11th April 2008

After a long wait hardcore returns to the Buttermarket in a massive way as ‘It’s all about the core’ touched down in Shrewsbury. Tonight’s line-up featured a number a few of the biggest stars of the hardcore scene alongside some of the best emerging talent.

Getting to the Buttermarket was quite easy as it’s located near to Shrewsbury train station. We arrived at the venue just shortly before 11 after a brief search from the security we were by co-promoter MC Livelee.

The dance floor in the main arena was nicely bubbling up with the venue being opened just under an hour. I caught the tail end of Tim Lashbrook and Jammy D who had just warmed up the party.

I quite liked the layout of the club as there was a balcony that overlooks the dance floor in the main arena and the DJ’s are located in a pigeon hole. There was stage at the front of the main arena for the cm’s and dancers to perform on that was close to the crowd. There was a large canopy that covered the dancefloor, but what was quite amusing was throughout the night the large letters kept falling onto the stage.

Raver Baby’s Re-Con was on next and ensured the party was set off with a bang, there was lots of bouncy tracks being played by him including ‘Dark and Light’ remix, ‘Wii go crazy’ and ‘Need you loving’ remix.

MC Enemy was up on the mic rocking the crowd with his energetic mcing whilst getting the crowd involved. Re-Con carried onto play a number of scorchers such as ‘It Doesn’t matter’, ‘Magic Touch’ remix, ‘Paradise and dreams’ before finishing up with ‘Love and devotion’ remix.

Next up was hardcore’s award winning DJ and MC duo of Darren Styles and MC Storm and what a set this was. Lots of euphoric vocally tune from Daren which ensured the crowd where in karaoke mode with Darren dropping ‘Flashlight’, ‘Come running’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Cutting deep’.

MC Storm was immense throughout this set with Darren ensuring no-one was left standing still with his crowd hyping skills whilst using the stage to its full advantage. Darren continued to rock the crowd as he was also showcasing plenty of material from his new Junkbox label as Darren continued to play ‘Burning love’, Beachball’ before finishing off with ‘Getting better’.

The legendary duo of Vibes and Livelee stepped up next with Vibes playing an upfront. Set. Quite a lot of brand new tuneage being played by the oldskool legend as he was playing tunes such as ‘Hardcore miracle’ and ‘Twisted’. Livelee had the crowd bouncing with plenty of ravers reciting his infamous lines.

Penultimate set of the night came from the 2007 Best Breakthrough DJ Squad-E,. The Raver Baby DJ kept the crowd rocking with lots of the material he been working on including ‘Feel like I feel’, ‘Doesn’t matter’ and ‘My direction’. MC Storm took the mic duties for the first half of this set and then was later joined by resident Gazy J.

The evening was closed by Shauny C and Adgie who came fourth with a euphoric and bouncy set from the pair. With Shauny C dropping some of his own material including ‘I wanna let u know’ that features Karen Danzig on the vocals, which ensured the ravers where bouncing right into the early hours.

I really enjoyed my visit down the Buttermarktet tonight especially as this was my first visit. Great to see the dance floor rocking all night, the atmosphere was spot on with everyone bring the party vibes to the Buttermarket. All the artists were spot on, a good quality of dj’s and mc’s definitely giving the ravers value for money. With tonight being rather busy hopefully this will be the first of many to come!

Massive shouts to Livelee, Storm, Darren Styles, Shauny C, Kelly, Re-Con, Vibes and Alex, Enemy, Jodie, Sharl, Adgie, Roxy, Gazy J, Sawyer, Rooney and Gemma, Jules and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007