Accelerated Culture
Technology: A Higher level
Air (formerly code)

This was the first of a new series of events that Accelerated culture have planned this year at Air, the Stratosphere 2k4 series proudly presents Technology: A Higher Level.

Well after the last event being a complete roadblock, I thought it'd be wise to turn up a little early. The was queue as a complete contrast compared to last months, as there was only a few eager people waiting, and after a quick search I was in.

Walked directly into the main arena and was greeted by Urban Takeover's Mickey Finn. Having a stroll around the venue and to find out that Andy C and Bryan Gee's agencies had cancelled them both and were being replaced by Mampi Swift and Hype.

Well Mickey Finn was playing a rolling set he threw in some classic tunes such as The Nine and Turbulence, he was accompanied later by Accelerated's resident mc, mc Presha. Mickey was playing upfront tunes as well, as he was not only using the decks but also making use of the cd decks as well. He dropped in plenty of stormers to keep the crowd rocking such as Zinc's Alarmed, Brockie's System check, Friction's R-type remix and also Bring it on. By this point the main arena was busy.

Next up was Brazil's finest DJ Marky, accompanied by Stamina MC but no XRS. Marky played a blinder of a set. Not only was his mixing superb but also his scratching was out of this world. Marky is truly an entertainer with his enthusiasm behind the decks was crazy seeing him bounce around like that whilst scratching. He played a remix of Ska and when he scratched over it oh my god it was phenomenal. The scratch attack, as he matched the beats and the scratch patterns were out of this world, the crowd went crazy during that scratch session. Marky also played LK and other material from his and XRS's fourth coming album In Rotation.

After Marky it was the turn of resident DJ Garry K Birmingham's Magika accompanied him during his set. Half way through his set I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw GQ lurking in the shadows.

Well next up was Pendulum arrived and accompanied by GQ. It was good to see GQ back in Birmingham as it's been along time since he's turned up at a rave in Birmingham, and it was worth the wait. The pendulum guys played a wicked set playing a lot of upfront material as I didn't recognise many of the tunes. The Pendulum crew were making use of the built in cd decks, no doubt they were playing upfront tunage.

After Pendulum it was the turn of Charge recording's Mampi Swift, Skibadee mc'd for his set. Swift played an awesome set double dropping tunes left right and centre, I do truly think that he really does deserve best DJ as he is technically one of the best DJ's on the circuit. Swift sneaked in The One, Tripping and teasing in Trust Me into his mixes to send the crowd into a frenzy, he played tunes such The Vault the T-10 remix also the Beginning as well.

Well it looked like Hype wasn't going to show as Swift ended up playing an extra hour sending the crowd home with tunes such as Rah remix an old favourite of mine Body Rock, Screamer and Twist 'em Out.

Overall it was a good night, at first I thought it wasn't going to be too busy considering that LTJ Bukem was on across the road at the Medicine bar, but things did pick up, as the main arena did get busy.

Massive shouts to GQ, Mickey Finn, Mampi Swift, Stamina MC, Biggie, also respects to Zoë + Collete, and Astro, also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007