Accelerated Culture
Code, B'ham

Well there's always first time for everything and this was the first time that I've actually visited code even though I live about less than minutes away from this venue.

I've heard all the rumours about there being trouble, apparently cs gas had been sprayed at the last event here and also that people were rushing the doors. Well I thought I had to experience this for myself before passing judgement.

Arrived around 10ish we didn't get in to the venue till about 10:15ish. It was raining quite badly outside and there was a tiny bit of shelter from the rain, people who were parked outside just sat inside there cars till the queue got a bit smaller. When you first enter the venue you thin wow but having a look around to be honest it's virtually identical to the sanctuary around the corner from the former home of gods kitchen.

The price of drinks inside here is quite pricey about £3.50 for a bottle plus the bottles were being poured into plastic cups, why???? The layout of this arena was good as you could see the trouble that Skelter had put into the décor plenty of hanging logos dotted across the venue.

As I walked into the arena I was greeted to sounds of Juiceman on the mic and Garry K on the wheels of steel. Playing some banging Drumnbass get the party started as the arena started to fill up but hardly anyone dancing. Grooverider was up next playing some wicked dub plates also played the amazing remix of Papua new guinea, a new remix of champion sound, also he played the dub plate tune which every dj seems to be playing with skibba's vocal on top of twist 'em out. He also played the terrible LK, which meant a quick water refill for me, and the new tune from Danny C, half way through his set GQ turned up. He was on fire really electric I've not heard him for quite along time as he's one of my favourite Drumnbass mc's, getting involved with the crowd and chatting some of his classic lyrics.

Grooveider was apparently on for 2 hrs but he played an extra half hour as Andy C turned up a bit late. The grooverider set reminded me of Brisk playing really fast moving set at the beginning of the night getting you going.

Andy C played some fast moving Drum andbass got the party vibe jumping GQ was mcin for him again but half way through mc biggie took over. After Andy C finished it was time for one of the tru playaz camp to turn up the heat as Dj Zinc played an awesome set including watchin windows, and another oldskool classic which I think the crowd didn't recognise roni's sizes it's a jazz thing (electric boogie mix). Zinc finished his set with the lady dynamite dub plate of his, the dee the jay …..

The crowd in here tonight wasn't really Drum and bass crowd or even a Birmingham crowd many new faces and also a lot of people in mochinio and other designer gear on (not dressed for a rave) really not out to rave as there was hardly any whistles and only a couple lads had horns with them..

Up next was DJ dollar he started with a dub plate tune, which I at first thought had the Bassman vocal then realised it was long john, the set included Mampi swifts the one also again LK but some horrible new remix also one of my fave tunes at the moment has it come to this by the streets which is a tune!!!

During his set mc rage turned up to mc, which he announced that someone hard parked on double yellow and there car would be towed away as it was blocking Grooveriders car. At this point we decided to leave as I had work in the morning as I also heard Nicky Blackmarket during the week @Hypnosis.

Overall there weren't much trouble quite a lot of rowdy people in here, the music was amazing but the party people in here went really out to have fun more to pose in their latest designer gear and it was way too hot as well.

I don't know if I'm going to return back here, as this was a spur of the minute thing. Anyways-big shouts to Charly, Scotty, Zoë + Collete, Mistress Mo, Natalie and Dave, Andy C, Zinc and the one they call the GQ.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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