Accelerated Culture
The Grand Launch
AIR (formerly Code)

With code being closed for the majority of the summer due to it being refurbished and having a name change to AIR. What changes will have in store for the drum and bass fraternity visiting the grand launch of Accelerated culture tonight?

Arrived just after 10 and was greeted by a huge queue luckily I was on guest list so I had virtually no time to wait. From the outside the club still looks the same but once inside you could instantly see the changes.

As I knew that they had added a third room to the club I wandered how this affected the main room, this is now known as the Oxygen Arena.

Walked into the main arena and DJ Dollar was on the decks playing some up front drum and bass. The DJ box had moved as from the opposite side of the main room so that when you walk directly into the main room the dj box is on your right.
The dj box doesn't have a stage or a platform for dancers or the mc to perform on, as the stairs were by the dj box this got crowded later on the night as people were watching the dj's in the mix. There were two massive video screens behind the DJ booth playing some cool visuals including some footage from past raves. The production that went into tonight was really good as Skelter always do put on a good show.

Looking around the rest of the venue to see what changes had been made, headed to the Nitrogen room which had the Ram Recordings tour night on, and Mistress Mo was on. This room seemed had the vibe of a chill out room, with all the cubicles that were surrounding the room for people to sit on as well as enjoying the music. There was quite bit of dance floor space for people to brock out to tunes in here too.

The carbon-lounge or the oldskool room was exactly the same as before with Déjà vu hosting the room.
Back to the main room and Dollar was accompanied by MC Presha, Dollar played a good set with a few anthems alongside some unknowns tunes. As he dropped the one, which went down a storm as, it got people moving on the dance floor. Dollar finished the set with tight situation, which got the crowd into frenzy.

Up next was the man from charge recording Mampi Swift, Swift played an awesome set as always with his tight mixing and double dropping. Playing tunes such as Signal, Dillinja remix of nitrous also he dropped R-Type as well for the oldskool massive.
The only thing about accelerated culture at code is the lack of atmosphere with no whistles or horns being blown, but instead Presha started to chuck horns into the crowd, which got the place livelier, to bring some atmosphere here tonight.

After Swift had finished Fabio was a little late as Garry K stepped in for a few minutes. Fabio arrived alongside Rawhils' MC Navigator. Fabio played a really hard set playing some heavy stompers to get the crowd rocking including, playing the remix of circles and its jazzy, trumpet which he played at Global gathering aswell, along the power of rah, heavy tune!!

Andy C was up next along with the 'El matador IC3, Andy played an incredible set, as always playing tunes such as Troubleshoot, Outer space, Ska, Good Girl, Twist em out and my favourite tune at the moment Nosher!!! Also he was teasing in a few tunes too such as renegade snares and Turbulence. During his set IC3 as always got down and mc'd with the crowd, which brought some wicked atmosphere to tonight.
I noticed that Andy C was making full use of the CD decks as well as the 1210's so I got a feeling that he played a few dub plates too within his set which always makes it interesting

After Andy C's set it was the turn of Formation's Twisted Individual, Twisted played an entertaining set playing he was accompanied by both IC3 and Navigator who both decided to mc with in the crowd. Skibadee later arrived for the last hour, as it looked like that Virus's Ed rush was not turning up. Twisted was playing tunes such as bandwagon blues and Ed Solo's and Brockie's stormer of the moment System Test!!!

I was a bit disappointed with Ed rush not turning up as he did play a wicked set back at Slammin a few months ago. I do like the new venue but it does feel a bit posh for us ravers, as were used to abandoned warehouses.

Massive shouts to Mistress Mo, Justin @ Kool, Mampi, Navigator, Andy C, IC3,Biggie and Alpha. Also maximum respect to Charly, Zoë + Collete.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007