Breakthru & Broken Minds
Presents ‘Valve meets Metalheadz’
Custard Factory
Friday 24th August 2007

Breakthru teamed up once again with Broken Minds to present Valve meets Metalheadz Featuring the gut wrenching Valve sound system at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. Tonight’s line-up featured many artists from Metalheadz and Valve, it was also the launch party for Commix’s forthcoming LP ‘Call to mind’. To compliment the drum and bass there was a 2nd arena which was turned into a portal for those wanting to experience music from the past.

Arrived in Digbeth shortly before 11 and was greeted by a fast moving queue that was split into two, one for ticket holders and the other for those paying on the door. Queuing didn’t take much time at all. Security was friendly as they greeted us on the door and after and a swift search we were in the venue.

Walked into the main arena and was greeted by the sounds of residents DJ’s Reaction and Phase 2 who where warming up the party. The pool had been emptied out with various speaker stacks dotted around the arena. Ensuring the force of the Valve system could be felt across the four corners of the pool.

At the front of the pool there were more speaker stacks, bassbins and subwoofers. Erected on stage was a large lighting rig, with illuminated LED displays on either side the DJ stand featuring some mind bending videos..

Reaction and Phase 2 were entertaining the crowd a mixture of new and old tunes dropping the likes of ‘Set speed’, ‘Renegade snares (high contrast remix), ‘Night flight’, ‘Be true’ and ‘The drone’. Their selection was welcomed by the crowd and got the party in full swing.

Commix were on next and was joined by MC Ruthless, Commix was showcasing tracks from their forthcoming LP on Metalheadz ‘Call to mind’ as they played ‘Be true’, ‘Satellite type 2’, ‘Change’,‘Talk to frank’ remix and ‘Strictly’.

Midway through the set I decided to head over to the Skooling arena which was situated inside the factory club. I caught the tail end of DJ ratty in this arena. Ratty was playing some early drum and bass as he played ‘Music box’, ‘Dubplate’ and ‘R-type’.

On next was Micky Finn who was on to replace the Ratpack, Micky carried on from where Ratty had left off with an early drum and bass selection. Micky gave the crowd a lesson in drum and bass. Micky was educating the crowd with tracks such as ‘Valley of the Shadows’, ‘It’s jazzy’, ‘Warp ten’ (Rocky) and ‘Stand and Deliver’ to get things rolling in here.

With there being no mc in here the music was doing the talking, the arena was rammed with every space available on the dance floor taken up. I noticed a number of older ravers inside this arena whilst Micky was on, many who I noticed from my Flashback days. Micky stepped up the years and began to play ‘Turbulence’, ‘Warhead’ and ‘Pulp fiction’ before closing his lesson with ‘I got 5 on it’.

After this tremendous set it was the turn of Skooling residents Scratch n Sniff, the duo were playing a 92 se,t there was plenty of classics from this golden era being showcased. With tracks such as ‘Tell me why’, ‘Theme Spirit’, ‘We are hardcore’ being played.

Back to the marquee and the Metalheadz legend Doc Scott was on with MC Fozz. I really enjoyed Doc Scott’s set as he was playing a very deep rolling set, dropping a number of rumblers to ensure that the Custard Factory walls would pulsate throughout his 60 minutes. Fozz kept the crowd bubbling complimenting the music with his minimal style whilst Doc Scott dropped the likes of Snow Patrols ‘Open Your Eyes’ remix, ‘The drone’, ‘Alien girl’ and ‘9507’ a remix of the classic ‘Here comes the drumz’

At the end of Doc Scott’s set I headed back over to the Skooling arena as Topbuzz where playing the penultimate set in here. This was a different set to what I’ve heard in the past from Jason and Patrick since their reunion. Jason opened with the 93 classic ‘Dirty games’ before littering the set with jungle classics such as ‘It’s a jazz thing’, ‘Yes Yes’ and ‘Burial’.

Patrick set the crowd alight with his infectious lyrics whilst the arena filled up once again to capacity. Jason stepped up the years and started to drop ‘Super sharp shooter’, ‘Black’, and ‘Bad ass’. Topbuzz finished their set with the infamous classic ‘Man of steel’ which sent the crowd wild!

I spent the final hour in the marquee, it looked like DJ Hype wasn’t going to arrive, D-Bridge was on in here. D-Bridge kept the crowd going seeing as he had been playing for the previous 60 minutes as he dropped his timeless classic ‘True romance’ which down a treat on this sound system along with ‘4-days’ and ‘Talk to frank remix’. MC Fatz had arrived but there was still no sign of Hype, very disappointing.

It was very clear that Hype wasn’t going to show so Broken Minds resident DJ Phase 2 stepped up to take charge for the final 30 minutes. Phase 2 closed the night some classic jungle which sounded amazing on the Valve system. A number of my where played scuh as ‘Renegade snares (foul play remix), ‘Limb by Limb’ and ‘Ruffest gunark’.

Phase 2 finished the night with the timeless masterpiece from LTJ Bukem ‘Horizons’, a great tune to close a memorable night with!

I really enjoyed tonight the Custard Factory pool was rammed virtually all night including the sides and out in the courtyard too. This was also one of the better experiences I’ve heard the Valve system, with so many speaker stacks, bassbins and subwoofers that littered around the pool just made the experience really enjoyable. The system was tremendous as everything was literally shaking, when I visited the bar the drinks where shaking on the table was like a scene from Jurassic park !

What really made my night was hearing some classic oldskool jungle on this breathtaking sound system! This has to be done more often seeing as there was a more mature crowd here tonight with the Skooling arena digging out these ravers out from retirement who were skanking right at the end.

Atmosphere was electric with everyone up for it all night. Micky Finn’s surprise set was one of my favourite sets along with Doc Scott and Phase 2’s jungle selection at the end of the night. Disappointed that Hype never turned up but Phase 2 did a good job making sure everyone was sent home with a smile.

Massive shouts to Ric, Dan B, and Joe and the Breakthru / Brokenmids crew, Pilgrim, Glen Aston, Mad P, Micky Finn, Manikular, Fozz, Alpha, Pace, Mistress Mo, Esther and Boogieman, Tnt, Vytol, Doc Scott, D-Bridge, DJ X, Jonny Cee, Aries, Skitty, Andy, Nolige, Hades, Helen and Fallout.

Big Respects to Vicki, Escape, Gem (Happy Birthday x) and Sue, Taz B, Kiri, Andy Trackin, Alice, Jinx, Ian F, Andy Witts, Jay, Jenny, Mairead and Rickey, Brain BK and Sean, Amy, Munkeh, Georgina, Opiate, Nursa, Adam, Benny, Hickyn, Faye, Josh and Arraon, Drakey, Holie and Sipina, James from Suburban sounds, Gilby, Chris, Bone, and DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007