Breakthru and Broken minds presents
10 years of Valve
Custard Factory
Friday 2nd May 2008

Tonight Valve returned back to Birmingham as Breakthru and Broken Minds teamed up once again to present Ten years of valve. To help celebrate ten years of valve Lemon D and Dillinja brought down there world famous valve sound system to the custard factory Birmingham. Hospital records where launching the new ep from Logistics ‘Reality checkpoint’ as they played host to the Medicine Bar tonight.

Headed down to Digbeth shortly before 11 and met up with a number of friends before making our way to the custard factory. We arrived to the venue and there was long but fast moving queue after a swift search from the security team we where inside the venue.

Walking into the main arena and Symmetry recordings very own DJ Break had just stepped up on the decks. The pool had been emptied out tonight to make way for Valve sound system, inside the pool was numerous speaker stacks, subwoofers and bass bins which had been placed within all four corners of the pool, as well as the front ensuring the full intensity of the system could be felt by all.

DJ Break was joined Shogun Audio’s very own SP MC who was hyping up the crowd. SP MC did a fantastic job as him and Break ensured the party was in full swing with Break dropping a number of rollers including his own remix of ‘Bambatta’, ‘Near miss’, ‘Module’ and ‘Surroundings’.

After DJ Break it was one of the sets I had been looking forward to since the line-up had been announced as it was the turn of the Digital Sound Boy jungle legend Shy FX. Shy FX is known for his introductions and tonight was no expectation to this rule. Shy FX rolled out the party tunes dropping the likes of ‘Rah’ remix, ‘Judgement’ and ‘Turn down the lights’.

MC Stamina did the mic duties keeping the crowd on there toes as he rolled out with his lyrics and charm which was love by the Custard Factory crowd. Mid way through his set he played a number of dubstep tunes which was welcomed by the crowd as he played ‘Night’, ‘Disco dodo’, ‘Cockney thug’ and new tune from Chase and Status that blew the roof off ! Shy carried onto to play ‘Sirens’, ‘Killers don’t die’ and his timeless classic ‘Original nuttah’

Following on from Shy FX it was the turn of the Valve duo Lemon d and Dillinja. Lemon D took control for the first part of their set as he rolled out with ‘ Rah’ remix, ‘Indian summer’, ‘Mr Jah’ and ‘Too bad’. Breakthru resident Manikular was on doing the mic duties complimenting the set and allowing the beats to do the talking.

Dillinja took over form Lemon D for the remainder of this set and turned up the pace as he rolled out with a number of his own productions ‘Threshold’, ‘ Oi’, ‘Shining’ to which had the pool rumbling.

Rolling out after the Valve duo was the turn of BBC 1Xtra’s very own DJ Baily. The tune selection from Baily was spot on with playing plenty of deep rollers and fresh dubplates. Fozz kept the crowd hyped up whilst Baily dropped, ‘Rah’ and ‘Champion sound’ remixes, along with ‘Mr Jah’, ‘Judgement’ and ‘This is a Warning’.

V Recordings head honcho Bryan G was in the house as he stepped up after Baily. Birmingham’s very own MC Biggie took to the stage and proceeded to hype up the crowd during this hour, keeping the ravers on their toes throughout this hour. Bryan’s set featured numerous remixes of classic tracks from V and their sister label Full Cycle. Their were track such as ‘26 bass’, ‘Snapshot, ‘Angles’ and ‘It’s jazzy’ that have had a recent updated re-lick in the studio which where played by Bryan..

With just over an hour left to go we decided to head home shortly after Bryan G’s set. What a night from the Breakthru and Broken Minds team bringing Ten years of Valve to Birmingham. I really enjoyed the dj’s sets tonight particularly Baily and Dillinja’s sets though it was Shy FX whose set really stood out for me!

I do feel that the production could have been better tonight by and some more lighting / visuals too. The sound system was immense with so many speaker stacks and bassbins strategically placed inside the pool you truly felt the full extent of the Valve sound system’s power all night!

It was great to see the pool emptied out once again in the Custard Factory, with everyone out in force to kick off the mayday bank holiday in style. Atmosphere was spot on as it was another trouble free night down here with everyone bringing the party vibes!

Massive shouts to Dan B, Reaction, Phase 2, Baily, Shy FX, Dillinja, SPMC, Stamina, Fozz, Biggie, Bryan Gee, Inch Hi, Lemon D, Hades, Skitty, Nollige, Manikular, Zoe and Collette, Vicki, Escape, Sarah, Rod, Michelle, Kirri (happy Birthday) Andy Trackin, Georgie, Nursa, Opiate, Rachel, Jayeye, Ruthless, Shaak, Nick X, Benny, Munkeh, Bassman , Ace, Taz B, Will and Millie, Shifty, Andy Witts, Sophie, Hicken, Vicky, Rich, Mags, Mikey, Danielle, CKB, Sanj and Jenny Pez, Cheeky and Claire, PM, Lee Subdue, Gav, CKB, Alpha, Josh and Karen, Hollie and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognize.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007