The Big Custard Factory Festival
Breakthru & Broken Minds
Valve Sound System
Custard Factory Complex
Monday 31st December 2007

After hosting numerous parties in the Custard Factory over the year Breakthru and Broken Minds teamed up to see out 2007 as they hosted the Drum and Bass arena at The Big Custard Factory Festival. Breakthru and Broken Minds were situated inside the massive Rojac warehouse added with Lemon D and Dillinja’s earth shattering Valve Sound System.

The Big Custard Factory Festival was a raving festival, not only had the pool been drained out but the whole complex was turned into a nocturnal village. Acts such as MYLO, Annie Mac, DJ Yoda, Scratch Perverts plus many many more spread across the Custard Factory complex making sure that there was bit of something for everyone tonight.

Headed down to the Custard Factory shortly after 10, was greeted by a short queue, there was a small Marquee in place to ensure everyone got in swiftly. After a brief search we located the Rojac warehouse as this is where I shall be spending a majority of the night.

Walking towards the Rojac Warehouse you feel hear the music getting louder once inside the warehouse you not only hear but feel the intensity of the bass. The warehouse is literally that a spacious raving complex similar to that of the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes but without the balcony.

At the front of the arena was an array of speaker stacks and sub which virtually covered the width inside the warehouse. There was a small gap in the middle which was where the DJ box was in place with two massive projector screens featuring a stopwatch counting down to the all important midnight hour.

DJ’s Reaction and DJ X were on the decks with the party in full flow as the festival had started at 8.30pm. The Warehouse was filling up nicely whilst Reaction and DJ X laid down the beats dropping tracks such as ‘Up all night’ and ‘If we Ever’.

Mid way through the set I thought I’d have a wander around the rest of the Custard Factory complex. There was a massive marquee erected in the pool which was completely rammed production in here was spot on with lasers lights and projector screens.

Headed back to the Rojac Warehouse to see out the final hour of 2007, what I quite liked was that the Warehouse and it didn’t take me too long to warm up. Broken minds very own Phase 2 was on playing an oldskool jungle classics set. Phase 2 opened his set with Noise Factory classic ‘I bring you the future’, carried onto playing a number of jungle classics such as ‘R-Type’, ‘Scottie’ and ‘Set Speed’.

Hearing this jungle set on Valve was something special as the warehouse was rattling. Manikular was hosting on the mic throughout the set allowing the music to do the talking, whislt Phase 2 continued to play ‘Trouble’, ‘Pulp fiction’ and ‘Warp ten (Rocky)’.

It was fast approaching midnight and the warehouse was full to the brim Artificial Intelligence took to the decks and MC Lowqui was on the mic. Lowqui proceeded with the 10 second countdown and welcomed in 2008 with Artificial Intelligence playing ‘Midnight’ featuring Jenna G on the vocals.

It’s been sometime since I last saw Artificial intelligence and was expecting a very liquidy set form them but they surprised me with a great party set to ensure 2008 was kicked off. Plenty of crowd favourites being played such as ‘Get Closer’, ‘Signs’, ‘Hurt you’ and ‘Twist em out’.

The crowd were already whipped into euphoric state with this being the midnight set and Lowqui added to that. Lowqui excited the crowd with his lyrics but didn’t abuse the presence on the mic and let the tunes rolled. A.I continued to played ‘Airplane’, ‘Disco dodo’ and ‘Talk to frank’ remix for the remainder of this set.

Next up was the turn of Dan B and DJ Pace the Breakthru duo battled it out on the decks. They were playing plenty of tracks that really sum up a year of Breakthru with favourites like ‘Is this real?’, ‘Piper’ remix, ‘The drone’ and ‘Disco Dodo’. Manikualr did the pleasantries on the mic.

Next up was the legendary Doc Scott, the 31 records supremeo put the Valve system through its paces dropping a number of bass heavy tracks which resulted in the Rojac Warehouse rumbling. On the mic was MC Fozz keeping the crowd lively throughout hosting the set whilst rolling out a number of lyrics. Doc Scott dropped a few rollers such as ‘Bambatta’ remix and ‘Hornet’.

Penultimate set of the night came from the trio of Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts and Plus One, alternatively known as the Scratch Perverts. The trio came fully armed with four turntables and 2 mixers as they commenced battle. The scratch perverts battled it on the decks performing numerous scratch routines whilst manipulating the mixers.

The Scratch Perverts started off the set with a number of hip hop and grime tracks including Dizzy rascal ‘Sirens’ and ‘Fix up look sharp’ which got a great reaction from the crowd. Plus one turned up the pace and began the drum and bass showcase with ‘Offline’, ‘Where’s my money ?’, ‘Game over’ and ‘Grimey’ remix.

Closing the night was Valve’s very own Lemon D, Dillinja was running late so Lemon D took the helm and caused a ruckus. Lemon D played ‘too bad’, ‘Scan Darker’ and‘3rd Degree gurns’ ensuring his sound system was used to its full potential.
Dillinja finally arrived come 6am unfortunately security decided to close the factory off 20 minutes earlier than advertised.

Well what a way for Breakthru to finish 2007 no other than hosting one of the arenas at he Custard Factory on New years . Even better using the Rojac warehouse with the Valve sound system. The Valve was awesome tonight inside the Warehouse as the Speakers took virtually the full width of the Rojac warehouse, thus ensuring the bass penetrated your chest! This was one of my best experiences hearing the Valve, fingers crossed that the Valve will return inside the Rojac warehouse in the very near future!

My only gripe about the night really was the lack of production inside the warehouse and how the countdown was conducted. I would have thought come midnight there would have been some pyrotechnics or something ‘special’ seeing as we was bringing in a brand new year. Though the production inside the marquee was spot on, I just I felt that the warehouse was lacking in that department. Still this didn’t deter how brilliant the night.

The atmosphere was spot on throughout not just inside the warehouse but generally around the whole complex as can be expected at a New Years Eve party! Everyone was up for it all night a real great festival vibe around the Custard factory with people wandering around the nocturnal village going from arena to arena.

Massive shouts to Ric, Dan B, and Joe, Vicki, Escape, Fozz, Mistress Mo, Jimmy, Jonny C, Manik, Hades, Lemon D, Dillinja Doc Scott, Pace, Nick X, Andy Witts, Munkeh, Shak, Benny, Scotty, Dave, Faye Donna, Rory, Jacqui, Una, Gav BHX, Jay and Jenny, Joe, Ben, Long John, Dynamix, Sarah, DJ D & Mrs D and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007