Broken Minds and Fixed
Custard Factory
Friday 4th April 2008

Broken Minds and fixed return back to the Custard factory to present the first instalment of there bimonthly night.

The concept of Broken minds and fixed bi-monthly parties offers people a bit of choice as Broken minds offer a very upfront drum and bass headliners where as Fixed go the darker spectrum of drum and bass with a more tech nuerofunk line-up all of this for only £5 before 11pm was to good to miss!

Well I got to the Custard Factory for 10.30 and was greeted by quite a large though this was no surprise considering it was only £5 before 11pm, the queue was moving fast. After a swift search from the security I headed straight for the medicine bar and was greeted to the sounds of Birmingham’s very own True Playa Hazard.

The party was truly under way the dance floor was rammed as people took full advantage of the early discount. Sounds system was booming whilst Hazard laid down the slammers showcasing the forthcoming Machete Bass EP with slammers such as ‘Killers don’t Die’, ‘Machete’ and ‘Cowards beware’.

There was a surprise addition to tonight’s line-up as MC Bassman took to the mic during Hazards set. The Birmingham duo of Hazard and Bassman went down a storm with Bassman rolling out his one liners that where mimicked by the ravers. Hazard carried on with the big tunes as he carried onto dropping ‘Driver’, and ‘Trouble Maker’

Next up was Bristol’s very own DJ Clipz, DJ Clipz was mixing up the set with the newest beats alongside drum and bass classics as he dropped ‘ It’s jazzy’, ‘Lunar Bass’, ‘Follow the vision’ and ‘Spiritual Aura’. Bassman continued with the mic duties for Clipz set as it looked like Fearless was going to be late. Clipz continued to roll out with a number of as he dropped ‘Night’, ‘Where’s my money’ remix and Subfocus’s current slammer ‘Time warp’ which caused a storm in the middle of the Medicine Bar dance floor !

Broken Mindz very own Phase 2 took over after Clipz. Taking over the mic from Bassman was Fearless who rocked the crowd whilst Phase 2 rolled out with a classic jungle set. Phase 2 was dropping classics such as ‘Angels’, ‘Buck Rodgers’, and ‘Hearing is believing’. Fearless was rolling over the jungle this being his forte for the AWOL legend, Phase 2 continued to play ‘The Drone’ Jitta bug’ and ‘Clear Skyz’ before closing off with ‘Babylon’.

The 2008 best breakthrough DJ Benny Page was up next, MC Accapello arrived and hosted this set. Benny Page is signed to Shy FX’s Digital Sound Boy label and is known for the raga influence to his music, which have been causing a stir in the drum and bass circle after the success of ‘Turn down the lights’. Benny Page rolled out the tunes dropping plenty of crowd favourites including ‘Bambatta’ remix, ‘Friday’, ‘Dark soldier’, ‘Where’s my money’ remixes. Accapello rolled out with the lyrics as he hosted this set keeping the crowd bubbling, Benny continued to play ‘Worries in the dance’ remix and then unleashed ‘Battlefield’ which went down a treat!

Penultimate set of the evening came from DJ Die, DJ Die has just recently set up his own label called Clear Skyz and was showcasing plenty of music from here. Die dropped ‘Slow burn’ his own track which went down really well with the crowd along with ‘Indian summer’ and a few other bits off Clear Skyz.

Final set of the night came from Birmingham’s very own DJ Escape who was joined by both Biggie and Accapello. Accapello and Biggie were excellent throughout the set working back to back like the old Music First days as they kept the crowd going into the early hours of Saturday morning. Escape ensured that no-one was left standing for the final 60 minutes as he rolled out with the party tunes. Escape opened up with ‘Rah’ remix and continued to play ‘Don’t be silly’, ‘MR Jah’, ‘Cowards beware’ and Fear of the future’ from his Music Hertz label.

What good night from the Broken Minds team turnout was brilliant nice to see the place busy from the word go with plenty of people taking full advantage of the £5 entry! Was good to see a cross over of music as well with the two different styles available throughout the night especially with the music policy different to what the Medicine Bar normally has on offer on a weekend.

Atmosphere on the night was spot everyone out in force having a good night and enjoying the beats and with the £5 entry for this top line-up. This is the start of something new from the Broken Minds crew with forthcoming dates being announced throughout the year including a Tru Playaz night later in the summer!

Shouts to Joe and the Broken Minds crew, Fearless, Hazard, Escape, Accapello, Biggie, Bassman Die, Clipz, Nutcracka, Alpha, Vytol, X, Benny, TnT, Trackin, Seb, Nursa, Georgie, Lloydy, Aries, Sue, Reena, Sophie, , Dan B, Shak Andy Witts, Taz B (Happy Birthday) Dan Hickyn, Drakey, Dave, Scotty, Dean, Lee Codes, Bone, Chris, Faye, Jackie, Donna, Freefall, Rapid, Michael Syz, Amy and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007