Broken Minds
Belated Birthday Bash 3 ½ Years of Minds
Featuring the Valve Sound System

Not only was this Broken Minds featuring the mighty Valve sound system but it was the celebration of Broken Minds' 3rd birthday and a bit. The original 3rd birthday was back in May but unfortunately this was postponed until July.

This was the first time that I had witnessed the Valve system, after hearing about its gut wrenching bass I thought that it was about time that I actually hear the system for myself. I'd always wanted to hear Valve in London but seeing this A star line-up I thought that it was about time that I heard Valve in Brum.

Arriving at the Sanctuary after 10 I was greeted by a tiny queue, seeing as no one was being let in we decided to go to a pub for a quick drink. Well after being in there for 20mins we headed back to the Sanctuary to be greeted by a larger queue… were did all these ravers come from in such a short space of time??

After a quick search we were in, there were free ears plugs on offer so I thought I'd take them just in case. We headed straight to the main arena and were met by some dirty pounding bass that I've not heard before coming from the Sanctuary, DJ Friction was on first.

The main arena was decorated head to toe with Broken Minds banners draped across the balcony, behind the DJ was a massive projection screen displaying some cool videos. There were also a pair of massive inflatables with the Broken Minds logo, a big blue light near the DJ box which seemed to be on all night, and very little lighting other than that around the stage.

Having a wonder around the venue it seemed the other rooms were shut, as recently some of the big nights on at the Sanctuary haven't seemed to be pull in as many people. With an A star line-up including Goldie I would of thought that this was a night not to miss.

Friction of True Playaz fame was the first in the main room to get things under way, resident MC, MC Accapello was on the mic. Friction played a rolling set featuring tunes such as Monkey See RMX, which went down a storm.

The dance floor started to fill up as Daddy Randall came on next, accompanied by the New Breed crew, Foxy and Eksman. This set was heavy, it had been along time since I had seen Randall play out and it was worth the wait. Randall played the main tune that got rinsed during the Innovation Weekender, 'Follow the Vision' by Krust, he also played Mo' Fire from the Rawhill crew, which I've not heard for quite along time.

After Randall it was the turn of the local boy of Eastenders and Big Brother fame Goldie. Well this was only the 2nd time that I've seen Goldie and what an amazing and dirty set we got from the Metalheadz DJ. Skibadee accompanied Goldie during this set.
Well some of the tunes Goldie was playing were heavy and to hear them on the Valve system was immense he played Hide the Tears remix which went down a storm and also the big all time jungle anthem Champion Sound which the crowd went crazy for, and Skibadee called for the reload. He played some other rumblers too, and at one point I don't know what tune it was but it felt like that my brain was going to ooze out of my ears.

Well after Goldie it was the turn of the guys behind this dirty sound system, and first up was Lemon D, he was playing a heavy set full of tunes to test this sound system. Some of the tunes he played including Good Girl rmx, and other tunes which are to be featured on Dillinja's forthcoming album 'My Sound'. After Lemon D it was the turn of Dillinja, when he got on the system you could tell that it was cranked up a notch to test your guts. He played a set featuring tunes from '93 up to present date. Dillinja goes under many aliases such as Cybotron, Capone, D-Type etc. And he played tunes from these aliases such as the monster Friday, which went down a treat and is a personal favourite of mine he also played Thugged Out bitch and The Angels Fell too. MC Five Alive accompanied Skibadee on the mic during this set.

After that pounding set it was suppose to have been the turn of Andy C and GQ but unfortunately they were not to show and Randall stepped in to play a 2nd set. Five Alive and Biggie were MCing for Randall at this point, Randall started off with a bizarre tune which had hardcore feel to it then just turned into some dirty rumbling jungle tune, he did play a few favourites of mine including Fassy 'Ole and Outta Space which sound immense on the Valve system.

Well it was the final set after Randall and the turn of resident and promoter Phase 2 along with Biggie and Fila. At this point you could see who was hardcore and who wasn't as the dance floor started to empty.

Overall this was a wicked nite, just a shame that there weren't more people but the dance floor was busy for most of the night. The sound system was heavy as it did make me think that my brain was going to ooze out of my ears, though I was raving at the front near the speakers most of the night I was expecting it to be louder considering that I didn't bother with the earplugs. The atmosphere was good as the crowd were definitely up for it, but it was a shame about the low numbers as this meant none of the other rooms were opened and the balcony was shut.

The Sanctuary does suit this event, as it felt nice and grimey especially with the tunes that were being played too.

I was a bit disappointed that Andy C didn't show along with GQ, but having Randall play twice was a bonus, and it was still a wicked night, best set of the night probably was Goldie as it's not that often you get to see him playing out.

I would definitely want to hear the Valve System again in Birmingham after experiencing it first hand after many years. The rumours are true it does turn your guts inside out and makes your rib cage wobble.

Massive shouts to, Vytol, Also to the Broken Minds crew, Randall, Foxy, Eksman, Alpha, Biggie, Tina xxx, Zoë + Colette, Pace, Scotty, Dave, Irah, James, Astro, Faye, Ross and Rob, Chris + Brian from Innovation, Helen also to everyone else whose names I don't know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007