Cloud 9
Bank Holiday Special Part Two
Sunday 3rd May 2009

After the success of the previous Cloud 9 on Easter Sunday, Cloud 9 returns with the 2nd part of their Bank Holiday Sunday specials. Headlining the night was the legendary duo of Micky Finn and Bassman a massive favourite in the midlands.

Tonight was special for the Wolverhampton crew with Wolverhampton Wanderers gaining promotion into the premier league there was another reason for everyone to be out and celebrating tonight at the Canal Club.

Having met up with some friends we left Birmingham and made our way to Wolverhampton. Getting over to Wolverhampton didn’t take too long on the train, especially as the Canal club is within short walking distance to the train station. We arrived at the club and there was a massive queue that stretched down the road alongside the Canal.

You could hear the sound thumping outside the club as Energy and Stixman were on. We finally got inside and Energy and Stixman were finishing up inside here with a 97 selection. The dancefloor was rammed whilst Krust’s timeless classic ‘Warhead’ echoed throughout the club.

This was the moment that the crowd had been waiting for as gracing the stage next was the jungle don’s Micky Finn and MC Bassman, what a reception that the Wolverhampton ravers gave these two.

Micky opened up with Roni Size’s ‘Trust Me’ and rolled out with a jungle selection with classics such as ‘Jah set it’, ‘Sweet vibrations’ and ‘Ruffest Gunark’. Bassman was firing throughout the set with the Wolverhampton crew giving him the one finger salute.

Bassman was later joined by Biggie and Spyda the trio began to spar off each other as Micky upped the tempo with a number of jump up classics include ‘Ready or not’, ‘P-Funk era’, ‘2 Degrees’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ before closing off with the raga jungle classic ‘Fire’

Taking over from Micky Finn was Wolverhampton’s very own Dangerous D. There was plenty of quick firing mixing from Dangerous D, really enjoyed the tunes that Dangerous was dropping throughout including ‘Helicopter’, ‘Yes Yes’, ‘Tune your Bass’ and ‘Wolf’.

Biggie accompanied Dangerous D on the mic for his set and kept the ravers hyped up with his lyrics as he commanded the ravers from the stage. Dangerous D flipped the switched and played a few rollers including ‘Dirty chopper’, ‘Dark Soldier’ and ‘The one’ putting the Canal clubs sound system through its paces. Dangerous D continued to play ‘Bambatta’, ‘Li li, ‘Trouble’ before he finally closed off with ‘Rah.

Formation Records very own DJ SS was up next on the 1210’s to play the penultimate set of the night. The turntable psycho opened the set with Shy FX’s timeless remix of ‘Chopper’. SS went back to ’94 dropping ‘Set speed’, ‘Champion DJ’, ‘Valley of the Shadows’, ‘This Style’.

DJ SS was taking the crowd through a journey of jungle and drum & bass as he playing tunes from various years.   Warren G was on form throughout the set hyping up the crowd complimenting SS’s selection into the early hours of Monday morning. SS stepped up the tempo as he began to play classics such as ‘Friday’, ‘Circles’, ‘Brown paper Bag’, ‘Black’.

3am approached but SS had no intentions of leaving the turntables as he continued to play for an extra 30minutes dropping ‘Mo Fire’, ‘Twist em out’, ‘Ska’ and ‘Turbulence’.

The turntable psycho was finally prised off the decks and Cloud 9 resident Nolige closed the proceedings inside the Canal Club. Nolidge’s rolled out with a ‘93 selection to close the night with dropping a few classics including ‘Spiritual Aura’, ‘It’s the way VIP’, ‘Roll the beats’ before closing the night with ‘R-Type’

Wicked night down at the Canal club great way to close off the Mayday bank holiday. Atmosphere was spot on, a predominant mature crowd here tonight with Cloud 9 attracting an over 25’s. The crowd were enjoying the music that was being played by the dj’s reliving their youth of the old Quest and Amazon days of past.

There is a nice electric vibe inside the Canal Club that buzzes through the crowd added with the good music being played that makes Cloud 9 what it is. The perfect ingredients for good night out, well worth the travel!

Massive shouts to Skitty, Spencer, Nolige and the Cloud 9 Crew, Micky Finn, Lenni, Spyda, Bassman, Nutcracka, Mello, Dangerous D, Biggie,  SS, Warren G, Pilgrim, Energy, Stixman, Vicki, Tina, Sarah, Fozz, Benny, Patti, Nikki, Delta, Nik, Melvina, Raj, Tony  Ravi and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007