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15.09.01 Change of Venue

Well for the past 2 years of my raving journey I have not really been to many venues mainly either the Que Club or The Sanctuary Milton Keynes. This was a change for me trying out a new venue, new promoter. I've heard quite a bit about the concept club so I thought why not check it out for myself.
We drove up to the club took round about an hour. Having been at work all day I was shattered but hey going to have a party !

We got the club and people started to queue it was pouring with rain but that I didn't stop the people from queuing. They opened he doors for 9 and we went round like an alley way similar to Bagley's up some stairs and then in to the club.

Handed over my £10 and well I stepped into the club. They seemed to have got some nice production here it might not have the capacity the same as the Que club or Slammin but that didn't stop the promoters. Plenty of UV lighting, with some nice décor around the venue. The DJ box was situated just at the front of the dance floor and there was a small platform by the box as well some people were kind of eager and were dancing on the stage. The crowd here was generally mixed, as you had your ravers and then some of house heads as well. Which mixed well. The club attracts more of the old club kinetic stoke crew.

Up first was the dj's D-Lite & 2 Step playing some really old happy hardcore my favourite rave style lots of vocals and kick drums lots of classics that I haven't heard for quite some time. There was no mc @ this point but people were starting to enjoy themselves.
They dropped some wicked tunes including the Slipmatt remix of On my Own quality and then which got the party kicking with Scott brown's classic Now is the Time. Everyone in this small club was bouncing and really going for it. One of the decks were well messed up and kept on jumping the records which didn't help but that still didn't bother the ravers or me.

Next up was DJ's Top Groove and CJ Glover right these guys again keeping it happy but more into the 96-97 vibe playing the happy anthems from force and styles Heart of gold everyone in the club hands reaching for the skies singing there hearts out which I love to see. He also played some the really dark/bouncy hardcore like the mask tune with "party why ?Coz I gotta" nice tune also Sy's classic tune the vamp. There was two mc's, which I haven't heard before mc Ell, and Nrg. They kept the crowd happy hyping up the crowd and giving some shouts as well.

I though I'd have a boogie on the stage and who did I see?? Mr MC STORM !!!!! I haven't seen him for ages since Slammin @ the Que club. Well he got the party rolling here all his classic chats. Well tonight was a special party for flashbacks very own Mistress Mo she here back 2 back with her partner in crime Pilgrim

They started off with some of the oldskool anthems and dropped tunes like the 2bad mice classic bomb scare, DJ PC's Insomniak and not forgetting shades of Rhythms Sweet Sensation. It was nice to see some of the flashback crew inside and to see mistress mo having a good birthday party getting down on the dance floor. You don't realise how good Storm is especially when you don't hear him for quite some time nice to hear the old mouth scratch I heard some girl talking to her friend and said that's not the record scratching that's him.

I though to myself you don't know what your missing. After Flashback's residents it was tie for Robbie Long and Devastate, these guy's are more known for producing and also Robbie long is known here fro the old club kinetic days.
They played a really happy set with some old skool anthems thrown in for good measure including some prodigy classics including Ruff in the Jungle (RIP MC RUFF).

I spoke to Storm after his set with Robbie long and asking how his trip was in America was with the nocturnal wonderland rave was and also what happened about Slammin vinyl. He told me that Slammin' had giving him the wrong dates and shouldn't have made him look bad on there website. He also told me that he really enjoyed himself at the Que club and he would love to come back as he enjoyed the venue.

I had a chat with Vibes about Flashback and he told me he really enjoyed himself and can't wait to return to the Que cub and he enjoyed the altern-8 set.
Well last but not least the innovators Happy Hardcore Dougal and Vibes. Well there was no Dougal but there was DJ Vibes. Still it didn't matter as I only seen vibes tear up the Que Club last week. Well I left about 2:30 had to get up for work for 10:30.

Well I really had a wicked night out here @ the concept club now to be known as its former self "Illusion". It's nice to experience different venues and clubs to see how other ravers enjoy themselves. I was glad to see some regulars from the Que club.

Big shouts to, XLR8, Lauren, Trevor and James also to Mistress Mo, Pilgrim, Will, Vibes (cheers for the beer) and Storm.
Also to those that I met don't know your names but know your faces.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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