The 6th Birthday
Saturday 10th March 2007

Tonight was a momentous occasion for Delerium as they celebrated their 6th Birthday party. Two of the biggest labels from the hardcore world touched down in Lakota as they presented battle of the labels as the mighty Raver Baby took on Essential Platinum, to ensure Delirium celebrated in style.

Travelling down the monotonous M5 we arrived in Bristol after 90 minutes and parked up in the local NCP as we made our way down to Lakota. Lakota is situated within Bristol’s bustling nightlife and was very easy to find.

Got to Lakota shortly after 11 and there was not much of a queue at the door, soon as we walked straight into the venue. You could feel the heat from the intensity of the ravers, the club being opened after an hour the dance floor was rammed.

Hixxy and Dougal were already battling it out with Whizzkid MC hyping up the Bristol crowd. The production in the main arena was amazing as it was dressed from head to toe with various inflatables hanging from the ceiling, the balcony and stair wells were also decorated with various murals.

Dougal and Hixxy were playing a very vocally selection with tracks such as ‘When I close my eyes’ and ‘Sacrifice’. I was very surprised that these 3 headliners where on so early but I guess with commitments else where tonight this could not be helped. Whizzkid MC was tremendous on the mic hyping up the crowd on stage which he does best.

Hixxy finished off the set and played a remix of the Fugee classic ‘Ready or not’. Stepping up next was Evolutions records very own Scott Brown who accompanied with the award winning breakthrough MC, hailing from the south coast MC Caspar.

Scott brown started off the set with a very bouncy selection opening the set with ‘Boomstick’ and proceeded to play ‘Fly with you’ remix, ‘Wakey Wakey’, ‘So about you’ and ‘Elysium (I go crazy)’. Caspar was working the crowd and has improved significantly since I seen him last, the crowd where enjoying his mcing and lyrics.

In true Scott Brown fashion the Scotsman switched from hardcore and stepped up the tempo and played some gabba for the remainder of his set. The crowd were going mental and stomping to the gabba as Scott dropped Tommy knockers ‘Twist’ before he closed up with ‘Juggernaut’.

Next up was a very special guest Jamie Ritman, I was looking forward to hearing what he had to play. Jamie was used to produce on Knitforce records and was part of Force and The Evolution. Jamie has now retuned back the studio and is producing once again with tonight being an opportunity to showcase what he has been producing. Jaime threw in a few big party tunes to ensure the crowd where kept entertained dropping ‘Save me’ and Perfect dreams (Sweeatheart) remix.

Time for Next Generation records very own DJ Brisk alongside MC Wotsee, it’s been quite sometime since I last seen Brisk play. Brisk in true form played a very bouncy set there were lots of fresh upfront tunes being showcased from him. Wotsee was rocking the crowd with his lyrics that there crowd where enjoying. There where quite a number of remixes being played with tracks like the rock and roll anthem from queen ‘I want it all’, ‘Spaceman’ and ‘Ride like the wind’.

Round two of the battle of the labels was about to commence, in the Raver Baby corner was the triple Award winning Darren Styles and representing Essential Platinum was DJ Gammer, with MC Storm refereeing the 2nd round of tonight’s battle. The two where showcasing plenty of material from both respective labels a mixture of vocal tracks and numerous pumping high energy stompers.

Gammer started off the battle with ‘Nobody likes the records’, they both proceeded to play ‘Only you’, ‘24-7’, and ‘Jealous’ remixes. Storm was tremendous hyping up the ravers with his lyrics rocking the crowd from left to right and getting those observing over the balcony to participate with his lyrics. Styles and Gammer carried onto play ‘A new feeling’, ‘This is hardcore, this is what I do’ before finally finishing off with ‘Lost the plot’

After the final battle was a three way back to back special featuring DJ’s Reality, Shauny C and Jimmy Whizz The set was very interesting with a variation of styles but kept the crowd stomping as the guys where showcasing some of their own material. Wotsee kept the ravers on their toes throughout with his lyrics.

Final set of the night came from the ravers champions DJ Sy and MC Storm. What a great way to close the night with Sy playing a remix of the Prodigy classic ‘Every body in the place’, along with ‘Suck my dick’, ‘Angels’ and ‘Your shining’. In true Sy and Storm fashion the pair where having numerous scratch battles throughout the set with Storm imitating Sy’s scratch patterns.

Tonight finally came to an end and was a successful party at the Lakota from the Delerium crew with the main arena busy all night. Quite mad to think when Delerium did first start it was a drum and bass night with Nicky Blackmarket headlining and DJ Sy appearing in Arena 2, 6yrs later it is now is one of the biggest hardcore nights in Bristol an established night in any hardcore ravers calendar.

I was very impressed with the night this was my 2nd visit to Lakota and the production was second to none. The main arena ceiling was plastered with various inflatables, with the balcony was decorated in various banner and murals whilst the main arena was illuminiated by a green laser all night. The Bristol crowd was up for it all night a great friendly atmosphere that can only be found at any hardcore rave.

Massive shouts to Storm, Whizzkid, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Brisk, MC Casper, Styles, Gammer, Wottsee, Shaun, John Buzz-B, Sallie, Nick Xero and Fi, Paul Compulsion, Hanna, Sketchey, Julie Delicious, Matt Chat, Chris Mental and Mark Tessa, Turkish, Sharl, Roony, Astraboy, Big Scott DSI crew, and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007