DnB Infest
Hidden nightclub
Saturday 2nd September 2006

DNB Infest a new promotion in Birmingham, after staging their last event in conjunction with Random Concept at Air, DNB Infest touched down in Birmingham Hidden nightclub. The line-up was quite impressive featuring the hottest talent in Birmingham alongside the nation’s superstars all at a reasonable price.

I’ve visited Hidden on previous occasions but tonight was the first time that an all night drum and bass night was being held here. Hidden is situated in the by Birmingham’s China town district by the Arcadian centre one of Birmingham’s premier nightlife hot spots.

The Arcadian is located within walking distance of both Digbeth and New Street Station. Headed to the club and was greeted by a largish reasonable sized queue which was moving quite quickly. The security was firm and fair searching people as they entered the venue.

Headed straight upstairs and Dangerous D was finishing up with MC’s Hirdo and Tempo on mic duties. DJ Escape was on next representing Birmingham as his set featured ‘Electro Boogie’, ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Hearing is Believing’ remixes. It was quite busy on the dance floor whilst Escape was on, I didn’t catch the names of the two who were mcin but felt they let this set down.

Luckily Fearless arrived to show why he was voted number on crowd hype mc. After Escape it was the turn of the legendary godfather Grooverider. With the digital age now dawning on us, Grooverider decided to mix using the final scratch selecting his tunes from his ibook laptop.

Grooverider dropped plenty of party tunes such as ‘Tombraider’, ‘Deep’, ‘Rockstar’, ‘Slam dunk’ before finishing off with ‘Bloodsugar’. Fearless was awesome during this set hyping up the crowd with his lyrics and chat, shame as he was booked forthis hour before jetting off for his other bookings tonight.

Taking over from Fearless on the mic was the legendary Bassman, Brockie was up next. Really enjoyed Brockie’s set, playing plenty of party tunes along with some new dubplates. Dropping tracks such as ‘System Check’, ‘Turbulence’, ‘Ghetto story’ and ‘Kyrme watch’.

Bassman was really entertaining as usual on the mic chatting with his unique style with his entertaining lyrics which was keeping the crowd amused.

Following on from Brockie was Birmingham’s very own Tru Playa DJ Hazard, showcasing plenty of his own material along with some Ganja dubplates. Playing tunes s like ‘Girls’, ‘Skywalker’ and ‘Crash’

Halfway through his set I thought I’d have a wander around the venue.

Hidden has changed quite a fair bit since I last visited the venue, as dotted around the venue are numerous sofa’s for people to chill in. Though with only one bar here it took quite a long time to get served and the prices were quite expensive too, £3.50 for a bottle.

Well the final set of the night came from Mickey Finn but unfortunately this was cut short as the police arrived and decided to shut the venue earlier than advertised.

Even with the police arriving to close the night I still really enjoyed tonight, just a shame that the night had to be closed slightly earlier than advertised. At one point people were being denied entrance to the venue as it was quite busy in here.

I do think that there was a slight over reaction on closing the night maybe paranoia on behalf of the officials as this area of Birmingham city centre is the jewel of its bubbling nightlife and was expecting things to kick off as it was but alas this was not the case.

Well I hope that this glitch in the night doesn’t deter the DNB Infest team to stop doing future events and nor other promoters from using this same venue as it was a very enjoyable night out.

Big shouts to the DnB Infest crew, Escape, Fearless, Brockie, Bassman, Zoë and Collette, Faye, Funky Flirt, Hazard, Devise, Scott, Zack, Sarah, Vicki and Jade , Alpha, Andy Trackin and Chris Blunt, Amy, Tom Nocturnal, Sam and Danielle, Mags, Elaine, Brain BK and to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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