Fixed Presents True Playaz
Custard Factory
Friday 1st August 2008

Tonight at the Custard Factory Birmingham, we welcome the world famous True Playaz crew. The True Playaz crew took over the Medicine Bar whilst out on the poolside there was a history lesson in jungle taking place.

It’s been an absolute age since the last time the True Playaz crew made a visit to Birmingham so it was definitely not worth missing this one!

Headed down to the Custard Factory on the mid summers night and from the outside you could hear the jungle beats from the outdoor sound system pumping into the courtyard. One of the great advantages of the Custard Factory with its outdoor marquee and smoking arena as you don’t get to miss any of the action.

2nd in command from the True Playaz camp DJ Pascal took control of the Medicine Bar. Pascal opened his set with ‘Forever’ and continued to play ‘Cowards beware’, ‘Mr Happy’ and ‘The nine’. Pascal was joined by was joined by IC3 and Bassman. The sound system inside the Medicine Bar sound system was cranked up a couple of levels as soon as Pascal stepped up which resulted in the bass rattling the walls inside the arena. IC3 was warming up the crowd along with MC Bassman

With it being quite warm out here Fixed made full use o the outside pool area as this was used to host their history of jungle as DJ Escape was on whilst people cooled down playing a classic ‘95 set with tracks such as ‘P-Funk Era’, ‘ Warning’ and ‘Hearing is believing’

Back to the action and Generation Dub were here playing a very upfront set with plenty of their own material. IC3 was on the mic hyping up the crowd as in true style he got down into the crowd to mc and dance with the ravers. Generation dub had the place jumping with tracks such as ‘Ho Bass’, ‘Fools’, and the Original Sin remix of Shy Fx’s very own ‘Rah’

Well it looked like Hype was not going to show so Birmingham very own DJ Escape stepped in Escape playe a nice jump up set which had the crowd skanking hard. Lot sof his own material from Muzik Hertz along with current slammers including ‘Fear of the future’ and ‘Rah’

The Medicine Bar was rammed to the rafters with everyone taking a space on the dance floor, sides and the stage. With the temperature’s rising inside here the back door was opened up to allow a stream of cool air to pass through.

Fixed’s very own Phase 2 along with DJ D gave the crowd a history in jungle drum and bass as they took the crowd down a trip through memory lane. The pair went through the years dropping numerous classics including ‘Trouble’ and ‘Bass 2 dark’ and ‘Circles’.

MC Fearless rocked the crowd throughout this set, hyping up the ravers with his catchy and infamous lyrics. Bassman joined Fearless briefly as the jungle veterans where in their element throughout this set.

Penultimate set of the night came from Birmingham’s very own True playa DJ Hazard. Local boys Biggie and Accapello did the mic duties just like the old Kool FM days with the pair going back allowing the beats to the talking. Hazard had the crowd bouncing with his tip top selection of tunes, there was plenty of his own dubs being dropped, including crowd favourites such as ‘Trouble maker’, ‘Machete’ and ‘Killers don’t die’.

A good night down the Custard Factory from the Fixed crew, atmosphere was electric full of party vibes added with plenty of people having a great time bouncing off the walls all night!

There has been a change of music policy at the Medicine bar with the variety of line-ups that have been appearing as of late here. Tonight Fixed was catering for both that specialist sound along side the more popular drum and bass artists, which worked very well tonight.

Massive shots to Joe, Hazard, Fearless, Bassman, Escape, Viki, Biggie, Accapello, IC3, Manikular, DJ D, Vytol, TNT, Witts, John, Anna, Mikey, Trackin, Kyle, Emma, Shakk, Rosie, Loz Rapid, Aries Micheal Syz, Alpha, Rolly, Benny and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007