The Que Club
Saturday 21st April 2001

Keeps getting better and better!
Every time I go to flashback I always think wow this is the best one and then comes along the next one. I just can't say any more Flashback is the best rave outside London!!!!!
After visiting slammin vinyl two weeks earlier I still had the ravin vibe left.
Got to the Que club early , the queue didn't really start to get busy till bout 9ish looking behind me the queue was massive going all the way to the underpass but come 9:30 they let us in.

The bouncers seem to be really friendly compared to some nasty grunts I have met in the past. They seemed to have let people in really quickly which is good sign cloakroom was quick and easy no less than 5 mins and I was ready. The oldskool room was well decorated the inflatables were wicked, nice and big with day glow colours under the U.V. They had a video screen on the stage just above the DJ box which was wicked, the lasers were phat also the sound system was pounding nice to hear the baselines making you neck hairs stand on end :) Mistress mo was up first there was no mc I was wandering who was going to replaced the newly wed Lenni for tonight's entertainment???

The drum and bass room was phat I think it was addict playing first some raw dnb. A lot of the dnb has got a wicked oldskool vibe to it with the ruff breaks and stuff. It reminds of me the stuff that easy groove and top buzz used to play with a more cutting edge. In the jungle room they had video screen, it was playing manga movies, which in my opinion went well with the music. What I like bout flashback is they post the times round everywhere so you know who's on and when. Tonight had the cancellation of Ray Keith but a good replacement in my opinion was bad company. I think Ray Keith had bout 3-4 four sets to do over the U.K. that's probably why he cancelled never mind.

Back to the oldskool room Mo was still on but the original detonator Robbie Dee was tearing up the mic I mean this bloke has been in the scene for more than a decade and he still pulls it off each and every time. Mo played some wicked tunes she played the shades of rhythm tune Sounds of Eden, every time I see that girl also played some proper underground stuff.

Robbie Dee is just wicked he started to break dance on stage and moonwalk he may be old but I bet he could out dance any raver out there!!!
Next up was Pilgrim with Man Parris yes Man Parris, people doubt his MC'in but its just class proper oldskool style.

Back to the oldskool room and Pilgrim was on with bout an hour left to go so it was back for some serious dnb and it was the midlands scratch specialist Ratty. This room had a wicked vibe than the normal stigma that attached to dnb there was no rude bwoys there was really wicked vibe in there like the old happy vibe.

Back to the oldskool room and Pilgrim was still playing and there was Mr. Long john with his Shadows darkin it up. The set that I was waiting all night for was up next BABY D the live PA. This was amazing I've not heard many PA's before but this blew me away. I can't believe I was listening to Baby-D she played all the classics including I need you loving, Casanova and the best one Let me be your fantasy!! It's tens times better listening to it live than on stereo if you missed this your going to regret it! You should have seen how Baby-D packed the main arena I've really never seen this room ram jammed from the front to the back and even the seats on the sides, I couldn't see an empty space what so ever!!!!

Apparently it was Jumping jack frost up for the jungle tonight but there was no sign of him it was in fact mistress mo yeah Mo was playing a jungle set and she was tearing it up and on the mic Birminghams Magika. Mo played some wicked tunage stuff like pulp fiction, badass and no diggity I've never heard her play jungle ever!! She's known for her oldskool and hard house but jungle is a different story people still think it was frost on the decks but I have to disappoint you it was Mo. I would like to see her playing jungle a little more often. She has done well for herself she's now making a good name for herself and will continue to in the coming years respect due to Mo.

DJ rap was on in the jungle room and boy did she tear it up she was wicked she played the bad company remix of champion sound the place was getting heavy ram jammed in here. The video screen was connected to a video camera so you could see yourself on the screen raving which was wicked.

Just as the Ratpack arrived there was no power to the decks and Long john started to dark it up with his threats to the sound engineer 'Ya gets me?' For a couple of minutes but Everson just hyped the crowd up singing the searchin for my rizla and skin sinner acapella's, last set of the evening none other than Ratpack but b2b with Rap. The set was history in the making and I was there to witness this set.

The tunes was stuff like M&M 'I feel this way' also 'In effect'. To be honest there was not much difference between a normal Rat pack set and this really as I seen Ratpack only two weeks earlier there was some different tunes but with the uplifting vibe Ratpack bring, They played some more 'Nu Skool Breaks' I don't know what it is with Ratpack that they can play anthems and get away with but if some one else did then they would be slated raw. They played sonz loop era also they played liquid is liquid as well which Rap played.
Have to say one of the best nights I've enjoyed at the Que club.

Respects due to Mo and Jimmy for putting on a wicked nite respect due.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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