The Que Club
Saturday 20th April 2002

What a night

I got to the Que club for about 9:15 didn't have to wait too long doors opened bout 5 mins late once inside went straight to the cloakroom and dropped off me coat. There is one significant change of this night well the Que in general and that the sound system. Rather than being pure bass it was crisper and louder than any even that I've been here to for the past 3 yrs. It was soo loud I couldn't talk to the next raver. The production was good with a large inflatable and smaller ones that kept flashing through out the night.

Well on with the show up first was DJ pilgrim playing some oldskool classics not anthems just classics including tunes such as prodigy Jericho which put a smile on my face with Ribbz on the mic as well.

Next up was Clarkee he played a bit of a funny set starting off with the million dollar man tune from Mickey Finn biting back I think its called the moved into suburban base then into some oldskool techno what I would call the bleeps stuff like Joey Beltram energy flash TUNE also strings of life which I've not heard at a rave well impressed with this something totally different than what I expected.

Right the main reason I was here was for the sounds of SY and Unknown what an amazing set this was too be with tunes such as 99 red balloons also SY's own tune choose one is was surprised to hear Lenni mcin to old happy hardcore getting the rewinds along with Robbie Dee still showing he can mc to hardcore another of the tunes that was played was the happy remix of valley of the shadows and finished off with shooting star.

Right ho Baby D up next this PA to be honest was exactly like last years nothing special this time round but was different mainly for those that missed it last year. The main two tune let me be your fantasy and need you loving but we got an extra tune Casanova. Little accident of the night was spilling MC Nino's drink I thought shit but he was sound about it I brought him his drink he brought me one cheers see you next year hopefully.

Jumping jack frost was bit late so mo stepped up but only for 10mins Jack Frosts set didn't really impress me what so ever I really thought it was the poorest set of the night he started up with the bad company remix of champion sound then went into jungle then hardcore then jungle really bizarre set he played ray Keith's you got me burning up. I was really tired and sat back and enjoyed this set rather than rave to it I fell asleep believe it or not well this what really surprised me he finished the set with LK yes that's rite LK this tune is not even 12 months old why is being played in an oldskool rave don't ask me.

I thought id have a walk round and went to the drum'n'bass room which I've hardly been to all night seen that I've missed bad company, Mampi Swift and that Ray Keith was being replaced with Andy C. I caught the beginning of Andy C's set but well he's playing the same sets over and over again playing the Pac-man tune plus other tunes but his set did not impress me I know he's wicked DJ but only stayed for about 15mins then walked out.

I was feeling tired due to the happy set at the begging but I jus sat back and listened to Mistress Mo's set she dropped xenophobia which got me bouncing up and then I heard mixing into that tune… it all went quiet too quiet said custard now this really shocked me but I was loving this tune i've not heard this for a very long time at a rave its one of my fave tunes.

Last set of the night the one and only Nicky Blackmarket he started the set with the zinc remix of Congo natty's junglist playing all the classics including dark soldier, badass and his trademark mix of chopper and nuttah. This set was really amazing being last set I was feeling tired but he kept playing a slammer after another kept me going especially dropping champion DJ the crowd was electric and Lenni was tearing the mic along with mc Supa.

Lenni was grabbing me and Ed to get on stage next thing stage was rammed with ravers this was the icing on the cake of the night the Nicky finished the night with the darkest and phattest tune ever pulp fiction.

Well it was a top night with wicked sets in the main arena, especially from Nicky Blackmarket, Sy+Unknown( shame Storm wasnt mcin for ya but robbie dee did a wicked job)and Clarkee. No raves for me for while with exams coming up. Quest reunion looks heavy with Topbuzz( jason kaye and Mikey B) also Hype with GQ.

Until next time.

Shouts To Mo+Jimmy for putting on a wicked night, Lenni, Robbie Dee, Sy+Unknown, Ribbz Also massive shouts Ed, Wilson, Darren and everyone else I've forgotten but know your face and not your name!!!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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