The Que Club
Saturday 2nd December 2000

Well wow what a night this is to be my last rave at the Que club this year and well what can I say!!! Had a bit of a wait the flyer and ticket said 9:30 start was it? No it was about 10 to 10 by this time the queue to get inside was enormous it went all the way down the road and apparently split into 2. Must be another sell out of many this year people were buying tickets for silly money off people in the street that's my I say to people by your ticket early!!

After being searched it was to the cloakroom and to buy the raving essentials gloves and glow sticks off to the main room. Production the lighting was amazing there were some mad lights at the front of the stage that nearly blinded Ed and me but they were amazing. The strobes were wicked and this time smoke machine wasn't as low as it used to be so didn't choke this time round.

They may not have had the massive video screens out but the had three small mobiles which I didn't realize until half way through mistress Mo's set, that one was a small video screen wicked! Mistress mo up first she played a blinder a lot of the old underground oldskool classics to get the people going'. Her style is wicked the set was mainly round about 88-to early '90's I wasn't old enough to remember these first time around but the selection was wicked.

The room was getting fuller by the minute, up was Easygroove played the acid techno style about bit too much for me sometimes I really love the Joey Beltram energy flash but I didn't hear it. Easygroove was just little slow sometimes but dark. I thought I'll have a wander about, flashback doesn't normally have a mc in the Drum and Bass room but tonight was special coz it was the reinforcement records crew inside.

I admit it I'm probably the cheesiest bastard inside and love my happy hardcore to the bone. But the Drum and Bass was wicked inside DJ Virus and MC MG were wicked I was going crazy in front of that speaker.

Back to the main room and guess who was on Randall as I said before yes I'm happy but recently I've been getting into the oldskool side of drum'n'bass and jungle side of things may be dark Randall was wicked. I didn't spot GQ inside but Lenni was up and every time he is bloody amazing respect the Birmingham Oldskool MC Lenni. Randall's selection was wicked the superhero tune and the long dark tunnel every time the tunes were just amazing the crowd were going crazy to this man.

Reason really why I was here was for the Vibes and Storm, Vibes turned up but were was Storm???? Vibes played a blinder he wasn't cheesy compared to the other month at slammin vinyl he played anthems, which were quality. Half of his set didn't have a mc but didn't really matter coz I was loving' it. He played one of the Oldskool classics the ganja man which doesn't get played enough I feel and I don't mean the krome and time tune but the Slammin vinyl one! After vibes we went and had a chat with quality geezer every time!

Pilgrim was up the crowd were enjoying his selection.
Time to go to the chill out room to rest before the Rat Pack. Now the Rat Pack may play the same tunes every time but they are quality oldskool anthems "ANTHEMS" that is why they are played every time! They started off with number on classic "Searching for my rizla " karaoke time that's all I've got to say! They also played a really bassy version of Paul Van Dyke for an angel which I reckon is better that the original. To finish of the night it was lord of the dance aka captain of the ship this one I had to get on stage for every flashback last 5mins on the stage has to be done cheers Mo!!!

Well respects must go out to Mistress Mo and Jimmy for putting on a quality night cheers.
Probably my fave flashback this year!! Shouts to Vibes(cheers for the photo), Asha and Ed Rugby crew shouts to Keith, 4-D, and everyone else I met on the night.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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