The Que Club
Saturday 24 February 2001

Worth the wait!!

It's been nearly 3 months since the last Flashback and well it was worth the wait after all. I've not been raving since New Years Eve so I was eager to down on the yellow jacket and me ravin shoes and head off to the Que club.
Heard that flashback sold out on Monday all 2500 tickets gone, so if your planning for the next one get 'em early !!! And if you missed don't read on otherwise you'll be in tears.

Queuing didn't take that long as they opened on time bout 9:30 rather than half hour late like last time.
Got in cloakroom max time bout 2 mins and off I headed to get me glow sticks and into the main arena.

Wow! Inside the main arena now the production was amazing the sound system was just booming I mean BOOMING. The inflatable's for this was wicked you had these black balls with day glow spike pointing out of them. On the stage you had some amazing décor as well the dance floor had some wicked platform like the one in the birthday rave bout 4 months ago.

First up Mr. Pilgrim, quality oldskool set some anthems mixed up with the proper underground stuff from bout early 1990-91'ish. Not many people raving' on dance floor so we headed off to the jungle room this room was bouncing and it was only bout 10 or was 10:30 there was a jungle tune the remix of the horn track which is heavy !! Who was djing don't have a clue !!

Back into the main arena and pilgrim started to get some quality tune such as me fave quadraphiona then next up Mistress Mo. Really enjoyed her set lots of wicked tunes, Long John was on the mic for the first half before Lenni took over !

During the end off her set who did I see wandering round mc LIVLEE were was Charlie b ? I belive that live lee goes better off with Dougal, would have liked to see Charlie Bbut never mind think he was stuk in manchester at Skelter.

Next up the reason I was here DOUGAL yes the great one Dougal started off with oldskool anthems but finished off happy live lee just rocking the mike with the fave rhyme my name is mc livelee… and 2nd chance. Who ever thought they would here forever together and steam train in the Que club???

I thought I would never here that the crowd loved it especially people my age-group coz that my oldskool the ladies loved cause it was happy . Dougal finished off with steamtrain whcih saw the place explode with livelee goin crazy on the mic !!!

Next up was ratty was djin' not really a fave of that dark side apart from tango and ratty's final conflict which I could hear up in the chill out room!! Inside the chill out room Mr. Will "the camera man" Chown cheers for coolin' me down with water.

We were just chillin up on the balcony could see people ravin on top of the lighting box that's was cool just hope no-one fell off. But just sittin up there and the man micky finn just turned up and he played just one wicked tune I think it was reservoir dogs.J ust had to get back in front off the stage for some jungle style ravin.

Wicked tunes including pulp fiction, ready or not?, no diggity ah man the man played a stompin' set cause black-market didn't turn up he was on for a good 2-3 hours no GQ as well disappointed in GQ didn't turn up last flashback and the prosession event a week before maybe he don't like Birmingham ?? But instead you had Lenni, Long john and Spyda, Spyda is wicked, this was one of my fave sets off the evening.

Last but not least SL2 yes the boys are back in town wicked guys respects due to lime, Slipmatt and jay j. Played some slowly old hardcore to start and then it got mental in the middle with tunes like ragga tip, way in ma brain also charly not forgettin the crowds favourite OUTTA SPACE. Finished the set with some jungle like champion sound and breaking free. Spoke to lime and slipmat durin the sets and they are really top geezers asked them to sign an album sleeve from united dance anthems. They couldn't stop laughing bout there old hair cuts from back in the day. Respect due been doin the circuit for what 13 years and still drawing in the crowd and sounds!!

All in all a wicked nite shouts to me mates the 4-d and ed, Rob "can't find square peg got lost" Learner. Also not forgettin all the other nutters inside who I don't know your names but know your faces.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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