The Que Club
Saturday 23rd February 2002

After a 3-month wait for the midlands biggest and best oldskool rave organisation was this worth the wait??
Having reached the Que club for 9, the doors opened on time and the queue was moving nice and swiftly.
Inside we was greeted with large inflatables and video projection screen with plenty of lasers, the only thing was the arena was quite cold. Yes it was freezing.

Up first was shades of rhythm playing oldskool house this set was a bit too slow for me I couldn't real get into what so ever.
I wandered into the hard houseroom and it was nice to see DJ XLR-8 paying more regularly at the Que club. The drum and bass room was starting to get busy Kool Fm's very own Crazy-T was on the decks spinning out some wicked tunage building up to the arrival of Andy C.

The main arena was DJ pilgrim but some unknown mc's were on the mic they were pretty decent but with the sound systems being too bassy you couldn't really hear what they were saying that much. Crazy T was still on in the drumnbass room I think Andy c wasn't going to turn up so I headed back into the main room and Seduction was on the wheels he was playing a classic set with all the oldskool anthems chucked in including DJ bizness and others. Back in the jungle room and Andy c was tearing it up it was amazing the set was really good still similar tunes to what I heard recently from him but still good nice to hear these dubs and tunes such as SKA, Shake it but these tunes are getting played too much but at the moment I really love the GRIMEY tune such a heavy dark tune!!!

Shy FX was up next he started off his set I think with shake it but moved into his classic wolf but I didn't want to stay in there too long coz my fave DJ was up next in the main arena Vibes along side live lee.

This set was in my opinion the best set in the main arena he played a real mixture of tunes break beat hardcore to dark core including tango and ratty's final conflict then into happy Party time, Wonderful world these tunes I've not heard for a very long time!!!

Live lee was into spirit jumping up and down raving and shooting his classic lyrics off the mic. Back in the drum bass room it was Simon Bassline smith he was playing a classic 97-98 drumnbass set I was expecting to hear chopper, chopper and more chopper but this was one of my favourite drumnbass sets from the night, he played a heavy set including 2 degrees, trust me plenty more tunes but I don't know the names!!!

But I really love these tunes they don't get played enough at raves. Lisa fall out was on after she played a good set and I heard the remix of Helicopter by deep blue in the set, which I really enjoyed.

The main arena had mo playing hardcore with man parris and Lenni on the mic. There was a no show on Mickey Finn mistress mo stepped up and ripped it playing shadow boxing, true playaz anthem, and pulp fiction, valley of the shadows. With fearless on the mic he was just tearing it up, taking mcing to another level!!!!

Well last set of the night was Ellis Dee in the main room but the set weren't that great he played a similar to that of the b2b in summer tunes such as rebel mc's DJ business, m&m don't get me wrong these tunes are classics but they just getting cained too much now.

I wandered back in the drum'n'bass room and well the man like Brockie was on. With fearless mcin as well just added a new dimension to the flashback night. This was a good set a couple of dubs and classics being played to finish the night off. What can I say good night but mainly in the drumnbass room, the main was good lots of good vibes but too cold!!!

Well the next flashback looks good a good night shame bout Mickey Finn but mo played a good set I heard he was stuck in London never mind.

Anyway big shouts to Mistress Mo, Jimmy, Lenni, Vibes, Live Lee, Seduction, Fearless, Andy C and Brockie.

Of course not fogetting the ravers Wilson, Ed, Dazz, XLR-8, Marcus, Wookie, Charly and everyone else I've forgotten but know your face and not your name!!!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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