The Summertime B2B special Part 2
The Que Club
Saturday 21st July 2001

Part 2. Ok it may have not been up to full capacity ( I blame gods kitchen) but it was still a wicked night out. Got to the Que club early round about 8:30 expecting a massive queue at the que club, was there not much of queue. The security was id'in lots of little kittens and turning them away. I felt sorry for these girls but as it say's on the flyer if you look younger then bring some I.D.

Well it was quick and thorough search and then off to do some ravin. The main arena wasn't packed as usual at the start but it started to get busier later on the evening. The lighting was wicked and again I love the inflatable but no video screen this time round. Well they like to keep each event different, up first was mo and pilgrim playing some oldskool classics to start the evening I wandered around to check out the new chill out room . But the room was closed well I came here to rave not to sit on my ass. I found out later on the evening that the room was flooded s they couldn't kit it out.

I wandered into the hard house arena, and nice to see making his debut dj XLR-8 well it might have been the warm up set but it was a good set nice trancy hard house to get the vibe going.
Half way through mo and pilgrim's set the arrival of the ragga twins. I've heard quite a lot about these guys's before but never actually heard them live. This was interesting to mc's free styling off each other my favourite style of mcin !!! Just rolling lyrics after each another.

The set that I came to enjoy was up next Shy Fx and Uk apache.
No sign of uk apache Lenni and man parris were mcin.

Shy fx was playing some quality tunes stuff like its jazzy, burial then when the tune came on from nowhere a little Asian dude was on the mic tearing the whole house down!!! It was amazing his presence was electric just blew up the main arena!!! UK Apache was mcin for a bout half an hour then Lenni and man parris took over. But I really enjoyed shy fx's set he of course played some of his own classics including Wolf OOOWWWW also this style and then finished the set with no other than chopper!!

Well after shy fx it was stu allen and daz willot I really enjoyed listening to shy fx that I needed more jungle and headed down the corridor for some jungle. Donovan bad boy smith and Dr.S.Gachet were on playing my favourite era of jungle/drum'n'bass a classic '97 set. I was in heaven just giving loads to this set but. I was starting to ache and needed to rest.

The chill out room was open and I was speaking to some of the regulars like the Astro and other flashback nuuterz I forget your names coz not all there friends could make it due to an event happening next weekend in Stratford (global gathering) but still the flashback faithful were here in force.

I also noticed some new comers at flashback some new faces, which I like to see a younger breed of ravers with yellow jackets (I sort of started the yellow jacket trend at flashback). Well back to the main room and Daz willot and stu allen were still on. Playing some housey hardcore all the charty stuff, which I liked, got me bouncing around!!

The arrival of hardcore most two legends the DJ Sy and Seduction. At this moment I thought I'd get the stage to show the Que club how it is done!!! Sy started off he played a classic prodigy tune everybody in the place this got the crowd going. They also played Top buzz's living in darkness and also outta space tune!!!

I went into the jungle to see who was on and no other than the jungle legend Kenny Ken. This guy I love his style of dnb keeping it real with a jungle vibe he played some classics as well as new dnb stuff. He was b2b with brockie, which I couldn't see. I wish they could have mc's in the jungle room like Fealrless or Dett. That would just set the room on fire but flashback like to keep things different which is fair enough coz I know people who like mc's and people that don't so you got to get a balance between the two!!!

Back to the main arena and Sy and Seduction were still keeping the que club rocking they dropped a classic after classic and then the SL2 ragga tip that was electric.

I can't remember the last tune that they played but I think I was music, which I was raving with mistress mo on the stage when they dropped it.
Well it was a wicked night. It was more of the flashback faithful than other people turning up most respect due.
Well cant wait for the next one, more PA's !
Shouts and respect to Wilson, Chedda, Aqueel, Laura, Jonathan 'XLR8' Bryant, Lauren, mistress mo, jimmy, and all the flashback people

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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