Flashback B2B special
The Que Club
Saturday 17th June 2000

Well what a top night.
The Que Club has totally changed since I've been there since flashback's 3rd birthday rave. Got there just after the England game the queue wasn't that long only took 10-20mins to get in, compared to bagleys this was piece of cake. Security was better here than before, the atmosphere and crowd has changed, the atmosphere was like the vibe from a happy hardcore rave everyone well up for having a good time.

Mistress Mo and Pilgrim were up first till 12, they just got the place stomping and raving. The tunes they dropped weren't really anthems proper oldskool more of an underground set.

Next up Mickey finn and Kenny Ken original junglist rude bwoys even though I prefer happy hardcore and oldskool I couldn't help my self and have a brock out to the jungle, i reckonised some tunes but didnt know many of them. But it was some good quality tunage.

Suburban base's Krome and Time were up next they played some really wicked oldskool, which kept the party vibe pumping' all night. Playing some of the suburban base's classics playing the follow me up and down town tune, also the snowman tune were walking in the air .

Well it's the last set, and this is what I've been waiting for all night, ever since I brought my ticket SL2. They were just the dog's bollocks!! I had to get on stage and rave, the dance floor was still packed at 5 in the morning. They played all my faves and classics including Baby D's Fantasy, I'm raving I'm raving and plenty of others. They ended the night with Out of Space a monster of an anthem everybody singing and the ravers wanted one more so Slipmatt just had to play SMD#1.

Top nite from the flashback crew cant wait for the next one.
Big shouts to the dj's and mc's making this a Heavy night , shouts to Ed, Si and Kris wicked nite !!

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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