The Summertime B2B special Part 1
The Que Club
Saturday 9th June 2001

The World is in Trouble!!!!!!

The b2b special is one not to miss , with twice the amount of Dj's well worth the 15 quid. Nice to see all the flashback faithful at the front!! The queue didn't take that long the doors opened round 9:35-40. Well the production was better than before I can tell you! They had massive projection screens with some amazing characters on there with the likes of Tony Blair, William Hague and NO I wasn't trippin.

On the decks first it was the local boys from Kool-fm and Quest Glenn Aston and Nexus, I've heard these guys on the radio loads and it was not long ago I heard Glenn Aston, they played the Kool-fm Old-Skool anthem Tango and Ratty's Final Conflict which went down a right storm. Popped into the other rooms to see what was going down and first up in the trance room Mark EG a bit odd playing first maybe having a gig elsewhere. This stuff is hard and I mean fuckin hard really fast stuff to give your granny a heart attack. He messed up one of his mixes and he didn't give a fuck just doin his mental stuff screaming at the crowd.

Back to the main room and Robbie Dee was just tearing up the mic no break dancing like last time but just showing us why he's "The Original Detonator" They played a more 88-92 set with some proper stuff like Quadrophonia, also 3decks Cox's (Carl Cox) I want you (forever) which I can say I am privileged to have a copy my self!! This just warmed up the crowd till the headliners turned up. Glenn Aston and Nexus should play more regularly at flashback and not first set coz they are far better, but then again I'm not the promoter!!

Right then time for some old-skool break beat with the pair Easy groove and Ellis Dee. Ellis Dee started off with one of my fave anthems on the suburban base label I Feel this way by M&M, which goes down a treat. Easy groove played some proper dark stuff and I mean dark, which personally I don't like and you had one of the darkest mc's the "Shadow" aka Long john! Just waiting for the next set the reason I came here tonight Dougal B2B vibes with MC Storm!

Well then Storm was here a little early (well better than being late) and he looked like he was enjoin himself at the Que club talking to Robbie Dee and Lenni. Easy groove was still on at this point and it was approaching time for the Happy set. Well looked like Dougal and Vibes weren't turning up I was getting uneasy I spoke to Jimmy co-promoter and he assured me they were on their way.

We saw that Storm was off home and then he was walking back with the cheeky pair Dougal and Vibes. Right then I cant remember what they started off with but they played Ganja man, Feel Free and the happy remix of Shades of rhythms' Sounds of Eden the set was a more happy break beat set than happy hardcore but the crowd was enjoying themselves to the happy set not as happy as Dougal in Feb. But still the crowd was lovin it! I could see Storm was enjoying himself at flashback he knew he missed a wicked flashback at the Xmas mash up but the crowd were stood in amazement seeing, well listening to him mouth scratch coz my mate who isn't into happy hardcore asked me, he isn't doing that with his mouth is he? all I had to say is YES!!!

Near the end of the set the Legend of the Flashback Lenni was here after getting married he's back and in full effect.

Time for some Jungle/Drum'n'Bass from none other than Hype ok then Bryan Gee cancelled last minute but what an amazing replacement. See that's what I like about flashback is that if someone cancels they get a wicked replacement at last minute notice! Hype played one of my ragga jungle tunes the Congo Natty Champion Dj "All-a mercy yeah. Yes another one Dj…" and the crowd roared to this one it was just heavy the response was wicked. We had a quick word with Storm and Vibes these guys are a pair of nice blokes well I'll be seeing more of Storm and Vibes at Slammin. Back to the main room Hype was on and he played Warhead, TNT's 2degrees also he played Turbulence by moving fusion.

In the drumnbass room they had mikcy fin B2B with Darren Jay and they played a mixture of Jump up style but hard step y2k Drum'n'Bass which was amazing and I enjoyed it loads, the shadow was on the mic just telling us to party you gets' me. Well at this stage I was getting knackered time to visit the chill out room. The chill out room has changed over the time I've visited flashback at the Que club I remember when it was in one of the side rooms next to the café but now its got some comfy seats to rest your ravin shoes. Well after a nice earned rest back to some serious ravin.

Grooooooooverider that's all I have to say the man is a legend I had to watch this from the side balcony and see all the junglist's giving it large and I mean large coz he played some serious tunes like music by Bukem and Champion sound well that's just a classic. The next tune I'm gonna tell you about went down a treat and I don't know why Dj's still don't play it even though it featured on top of the pops but the tune is a classic the crowd was going mental to this and the name of the tune INCredible M-beat ft Gen.Levy. . "Booyaka! Booyaka! The world is in trouble. I am the I am the incredible " I haven't heard this tune played for ages at a rave and I was giving it my best

Right then last set and probably my favorite set of the evening was, Mistress Mo and Pilgrim B2B, apparently it was anthems, not like Ratpack but this was anthems for the flashback crew. Mo played DMS's Love Overdose, DJ Business and Pilgrim played of my fave tunes to be made a happy tune Insomniac! This tune dropped down well I thought I've gotta get on stage for the last 5min and the bloke didn't mind at all as long as you weren't making the decks bounce. Last tune of the night Sweet Sensation by the legends Shades of Rhythm and I was just enjoying myself I was ravin with Mo behind the Decks' it was wicked.
All I have to say is from the words of Mistress Mo "Carl Cox doesn't know what he's missing!!!"

Well people remember this is the Summertime B2b Special PART 1 can't wait for Part2.
Have to say a big shout out to Mistress Mo and Jimmy for putting on another successfully event at the Que club. Massive Shout to the Dj's and MC's specially Storm for turning up (knew you'd enjoy yourself) Shout to all the flashback heads; Jonathon, Trevor, Astro, Sue, Nexus and all the people I forget your names so this is for you and not forgetting ED
I'll be seeing you all at the next one.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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