Summertime Showdown
The Que Club
14th June 2003

What a Scorcher!!

Well its been along time since I've been out raving, and also to the Que club, with Flashback having a date for an event in April that got cancelled, this unfortunately leaves the future of the Que club still in doubt.

Well what a Party to kick start the summer.

Headed straight to the Que club for 9:30, the doors weren't opened till just before 10. Was greeted with a failry-sized queue with ravers anticipating ready to get in. Being June the cloakroom was virtually empty so no problems there.

Headed straight to the main arena and was greeted to the sounds of early oldskool by the DJ Pilgrim alongside Coventry's very own Man Parris.
The main arena was kitted out with a raised platform in the middle of the arena for the raver's to get on, and a massive speaker stack at the front, with tremendous bass.
Well Pilgrim was playing a wicked warm up set lots of unknown's mixed up with some wicked classics.

The hardcore room wasn't opened till 11, so I popped into the drum and bass room, as the ATM magazine tour was here tonight, DJ APB of formation was on first playing some stompers.

Back to the main room and Pilgrim was on playing some of my faves including the Dutch classic Mentasm , Quadraphonia, along with the Basement classic Dark Matter, he finished the set with the XL classic T99, Anastasia .

Next up was the Dreamscape resident playing a Fantasia set DJ Clarkee, this was a really dark techno set that I really enjoyed. There were quite a lot of tunes that didn't recognise and few that I did with some anthems thrown in for good measure. Playing the Prodigy classic Charly, which got the crowd in a frenzy.

Wandered off to the Hardcore room and Brisk was up playing a fast set like always. Playing a lot of new tune that I didn't recognise as he was playing off CD, the heat in here was horrible so I think this was getting him in practise for when Brisk sets off for his tour of Japan soon.

Back to the main arena and Lenni arrived during the last 20 mins of Clarkee's set, he was greeted with a massive welcome from the crowd as its been such along time since the last Flashback, as he was shaking hands with all the flashback regulars.

Well time for the original MC and DJ team the mighty Ratpack.
This set was different to that of most Ratpack sets, as it was full on oldskool jungle from beginning to end. All the classics were played Valley of Shadows, Champion sound, Lighter, Arsonist, Lord of the null lines, Chopper (Shy FX mix), Trust Me, the list can go on. It felt a bit odd having Ratpack on early, as they normally play last at every flashback that I've been to with the Ratpack headlining. Everson was singing his classic lines from tunes such as captain of the ship, the clipper and of course searching for my rizla. This set was really enjoyable that MC Lenni jumped off stage and started to rave with the ravers at the front. Lipmaster finished up with the moving shadow classic the Terrorist.

Mr Magoo aka Jason kaye of Topbuzz was on next, I headed starigt to the drum and bass room and was greeted to the sounds of oldskool MC MC alongside, Fearless with of course DJ Phantasy spinning on the decks. This set was a scorcher, the heat inside here didn't help as this is the one thing I'll be glad about when the Que club does go. As the heat inside the chapel is horrible during the summer.

It was good hearing MC MC going back 2 back with Fearless especially to upfront drum and bass, as you can tell that MC MC has not lost his touch and still can keep up. MC MC was accompanied with one member of the Rush Hour family, MC Prince.

Fatman D arrived later near the end of the set and was going back 2 back with Prince, as Fearless was on soon with Mampi Swift.
Right the next set was originally going to Andy c playing oldskool jungle but with problem with his agency and him playing oldskool they though it was best that he wasn't to for Andy C to play oldskool. So instead we had the man from Charge recordings Mampi Swift.

Swift was accompanied with the roller Fearless, Swift started the set with the V classic Angles which is a top tune, during his set he started to play a couple of hardcore tunes such as Ruff, which worked really well. Well it wouldn't be Mampi if he didn't play his own track The One. He played a couple of other classics including Trouble, this tune did cause trouble as the dance floor erupted as soon as the b-line dropped!!! Other tracks such a Truly one, Quest, Here Comes the drumz, were played this was more 96-97 set which the crowd liked, he finished up the set with the explosive Warhead.

Well the set that I've been waiting for since their last appearance at the Que in April 2002, SY & Unknown this time accompanied by MC Storm. Well the Quosh boys started off with an ultimate classic 95 style starting the set break beat and moving through the golden days of hardcore including Jimmy J's Take Me Away, and 6 days.
It started to get hard and stompy when Paul Elstaks Love U more was played then the happy anthem Toy town was dropped and the crowd blew their whistles an horns in unison which you don't get much off at raves anymore. The vocal tunes were also played in the mix tunes such as the Force and Styles classic Heart of gold along with the Next Generation anthem Shooting Star, and Love of My Life. Well Sy and Unknown ended the set with the Qusoh classic Dread land (the disco land remix). This was a wicked set shame it was only on for an hour but the crowd enjoyed it and that's what matters.

After the wicked set of SY and Unknown it was time to slow down the pace and time for the PA from the Midlands very own Nebula II. This was a history lesson, playing the roots of today's dance music. With his laptop ready and other paraphernalia Nebula II were ready to go. I didn't dance much to this set I thought I'd sit back from the balcony and enjoy the music. Didn't know many of the tunes being played apart from Anathema/ Confusion, which is a top tune!!!

Near the end of the PA I thought to venture back to the drum and bass room and Ray Keith was playing he was accompanied with Birmingham's very own MC Biggie along with ATM's MC Flex. Near the end of Ray Keith's set they started to give away free cd's and the front just got rushed. I liked Ray Keith's set quite dark at times but couldn't really enjoy it much as I had to wipe the sweat off my face with the heat in here.

Last set of the night in the drum and bass room was from Nicky Blackmarket he played a wicked set. Played a stompy jungle set included a couple of stompers including Mar's
I quickly caught the last few minutes of Mistress Mo's set as she was finishing with the Prodigy's Out of Space, then played Pete bouncers Raving I'm raving to end the night.

Well what a top night I have to say, shame it had to end come 6. With wicked sets from the main arena all night especially with Pilgrim's warm up set that made the rest of night go so fast. Top sets of the night has to be Sy and Unknown also Swift (who likes to drop hardcore) and also Pilgrim.

Well Shouts to Mo and Jimmy for pulling a wicked party after the long wait!!!

Shouts to Lenni, Glenn Aston, MC MC, Prince, Sy, Unknown Storm, Whizzkid, Joe Nebula, Man Parris, Fearless.

Of course massive respects to the party people Ed, XLR-8, Karris, Zoë + Collete, Ross, and everyone else whose name's I don't know but I know your face.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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