The Que Club
1st March 2003

Only two weeks after touching down to the Que club after the huge success of Slammin vinyl it was flashback's turn to stage a party at the mighty Que club.

This was flashback's first party of the year, hopefully with many more of this calibre to follow.
Headed to the Que club for just before 10, greeted with a fairly large queue building down the side of the Que club. The queue started moving fast, the security were quite tight tonight, refusing people entry even though they had tickets. The cloakroom was getting busy inside here with security controlling things in here to keep it in order.

Straight to the drum'n'bass room and DJ Shaolin of prosession was on first here. This room was getting busier by the minute, with the movement crew hosting the night here its gonna get rammed in here later. In the hardcore room and Dj Eon was on along side mc Odyssey making his flashback debut along with many other artist's tonight.
I didn't stay in the hardcore room for much long and headed back to the main arena and was greeted by Robbie Dee mcin along side Pilgrim. 11 o'clock came and it was time for Shy Fx, it seems that he was a bit late pilgrim starred to play a bit more 93 tunes including the mighty classic from jungle techno kings top buzz, living in darkness.

MC Skibadee was already here and was waiting for Shy FX he came he saw and he kicked ass Shy FX destroyed the Que club main arena playing jungle anthems to keep ya dancing till the early hours !!

It's the first time that I've seen Skibadee at a Flashback, and he was enjoying himself, the crowd were enjoying hearing Skibba with his famous wolf cry. Well Shy Fx started the set with the chart topper Original nuttah, along side tunes tune's such as it's jazzy, the burial, trust me and finished the set with the moving shadow classic by deep blue, helicopter the set was a bit short but then again Shy FX was late and heading straight out alongside Skibadee down to Milton Keynes and off to skelter.

Well Up next Ramos, Supreme and Marley were up next for 1 ½ hours of 94-96 hardcore. This set was one of the best set's of the evening playing an array of tunes from the break beat era that formed the hardcore sounds including tunes such as Jimmy J's 6 days, party time sunshine, the journey, incognito, terminator and finishing the set with heaven.
It was good to see Ramos and people from the midlands might remember him and Marley from the old quest and pandemonium days.
Marley was enjoying himself so much he started dancing on stage really enjoyed this set so much I didn't want it to end, I hope this was not the last that I'd see of the RSR crew in a flashback rave.In the hardcore room and Clarkee was on playing some mental gabba along side the Odyssey mc.

Bryan gee was on in the drum'n'bass room along side mc Fearless and Supa, he played a really upfront set with many dub's that I've not heard which is always good, there was a remix of champion sound and also the Roni Size classic trust me. This room was busy for most of the night, really hot in here one point I thought it was raining as the sweat started to drip.

Fearless kept the crowd hype with all his classic lyrics that all the ravers seem to know.
Hardcore heaven's Seduction was on in the main arena with no hair!! Played a classic 92 set as Seduction was here to replace Mickey Finn, played a all the 92 anthems from rave's golden days including Mickey Finn's urban shakedown. It was good to see Seduction again as it was heard he was in retirement you cant keep people like him away from the rave scene too long now can you.

Mistress mo was on next she started her set with the Egyptian empire classic the horn track Lenni was mcin for her.

It was that time and back to the hardcore room and one of the set's I was waiting for ravers champion's Sy'n'Storm, This set was really good played a couple of classics as well upfront stuff off the mighty Quosh label, including the new remix of sweet harmony thrown in a couple of raver baby tune's as well including your shining which is the new shooting star, also the ever lasting classic's dread land and the next generation's break of dawn!!

Last set of the night was split between the three arena's caught the beginning of Nicky Blackmarket he as accompanied by mc stamina started the set with the Nicky + Hyper D tune got the crowd rocking. In the main arena and Sy was on but no mc finishing the night he played the original version of sweet harmony which you cant beat along some more 92 anthems such as feel real good and far out. In the hardcore room and Scotland's number one Scott Brown was on playing tunes off the evolution label such as rock you softly and finished the night with Hold me now, which was cut short as the bouncers turned off the System.

Well this was a wicked night with such a great turn out, it's a shame when the Que club does finally close, as it will be a big loss for the raving scene. It was good to see a mixture of genres used in the main arena maybe this would be the future of flashback's having a bit of everything from acid, hardcore, break beat happy and jungle all mixed up in the main arena as it did work really well.

Tonight I really enjoyed both Shy Fx + Skibadee and the Ramos, Supreme and Marley.

Well big shouts to mo and jimmy for pulling off an amazing party, nuff respect to Lenni, Robbie Dee, Skibadee, Shy Fx, Ramos, Supreme, Marley, Seduction, Sy, Storm, Dougal, Odyssey, Nicky Blackmarket, Fearless, Scott Brown.

Also shouts to the party people, Ed, Xlr-8, Astro, Zoë +Collete plus many more

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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