6th B'day bash
Start of a new dawn

Well well, after the emotional end of the last flashback at the Que club in beginning of September what will the birthday party bring to us??

With a new venue for the Flashback crew the Sanctuary Birmingham, the sanctuary a another legendry venue from back in the day hosting events such as quest, pandemonium starlight. Now the arrival of Flashback with a line-up including of 30 dj's and mc's spread across 4 arenas. Will this venue live up to the expectations that were left behind at the Que club??

Well I touched down for about 9 with not many people queuing up as it was raining quite bad come 9:30 the queue had built round the corner of the sanctuary, they were a little late opening up as I didn't get in till about 10ish.

Walking inside you could hear the sounds of jungle booming out of the dance factory, I headed straight for the main arena Mistress mo was spinning up first playing a more 91 set. Tunes including quadraphonia also the whistle tune as well.

Inside the main arena you could see that no exception were made to the décor. With large projection screen behind the dj box giving the dj times as well some mad visuals, the oldskool green laser was in full effect all night. The main arena took a bit long to fill up I think having a rave on a Friday night is probably main cuase of this as people having been at work etc.. and want a bit of a rest before heading out for an all nighter.

I headed to the hardcore arena,not huge in size the sound system in here was a bit quiet at times as I could talk to some other ravers without having to shout. Playing first was a local dj by the name of Eon I think playing mainly stuff off the Next generation's sister label, blatant beats.

Sharkey turned up playing new dub plates totally new tunes off cd, played a more break beat set than what I expected including a track which had a sort of ragga feel to it, its good to hear dj's experiment new styles.

I thought I'd have a wander downstairs to hear BBC 1Xtra's L double I've never heard him before he played a good set he was accompanied with the original roller Fearless. The dance factory was decorated head to toe like I've not seen before with also a centre platform for people to rave on. The size of this arena is huge compared to the chapel back at the Que club, nice and spacious, which it got filled accordingly.

Back to the hardcore arena and Breeze was up next he accompanied by Sharkey I thought I'd not hear him mc again as he went into retirement recently to concentrate on his djin and producing, it was good hear him mc as he reminds so much of Robbie dee. Breeze again was using cd's to mix with playing a raver baby set including tunes such as home, sonic, your shining and bad magic black magic half way through his set a local mc was up mcin who I know by the name of mc Sub Zero, first time that he' s mc'ed out and done a good job, he was a little bit nervous but did well full respect out to you.

In the main arena was Seduction with resident mc Lenni, Lenni back at the home of pandemonium he was mcin along with Robbie Dee who was sporting a new hair cut, got rid of the dreads for a bleach blonde. Well this was Dj Seduction and of course what did he play hardcore heaven along with bizarre inc's playing with knives also the top buzz anthem living in darkness!!
To be honest I didn't spend much time in the main arena all night.

Hixxy was on in the hardcore arena accompanied by non other than MC Storm. It seems that hardcore dj's don't seem to use vinyl anymore as yet again he was using cd's to mix with. He played new tunes that appeared on the new bonkers album including the remix of set you free and force and style's field of dreams. I don't really rate the new remixes as you cant beat the originals now can you! But it was good to see Storm work under the poor sound system raving away as well as mcin keeping the crowd hype as it did get quit hot in there at times as I had to leave as I felt my contact lenses drying out I headed downstairs for a bit of a rinse out.

Unfortunately I missed Bad company but mistress mo was up spinning in the Drum and bass arena played a good set played a couple of anthems including the dj Brockie's dangerous and a new tune by Danny c as well Biggie and Ranski were mcin back to back keeping the crowd hype, Biggie recently seems to be mc every were nowadays big up.

It seems that Brisk didn't turn up as he was stuck down south, so Sharkey played filled in for him and this time round he was using vinyl playing a totally different compared to what he played earlier played a tune called the pilgrim which I quite liked, Whzzkid was mcin for Sharkey Keepin the crowd hyped in this arena.

Krome and Mr Time were playing in the main arena an played a similar set to what I heard over two years included the follow me up and town, ganja man and plenty of other sub base classics. Clarkee was on in the hardcore room playing some fast moving gabba which is not my cup of tea and Ratpack were on in the main arena so I thought i'd grab some grub.
Missed the begining of Sy and Storm as food took ages to order, well the DJ Sy, you can't fault him can you scratching, accompanied by the vocal scratching from no other than Storm. Playing tune of his Quosh label aswell as Evolution and Blantent beats.

Downstairs was Nicky Blackmarket there was no sign of MC Dett looks like he must have been having fun at the innovation weekender. Nicky always with a smile on his face, played twisted out I think the remix with Skibba also the Nicky Blackmarket dub plate tune with Hyper d on it as well.

In the main arena one of the sets I've been waiting for most of the night Bryan Gee, this set was phenomenal I got into the main arena when my favourite ragga jungle tune started champion dj it was the 97 remix Lenni was on fire, followed up with roni size's it's Jazzy and the ultimate 97 classic Warhead!!! It was good to hear a 97 Drumnbass set in the oldskool arena a bit different than hearing lighter and dark tunnel.

Last set of the night was Sy and Unknown along with Storm I was expecting something similar to what I heard in April, a more 95/96 breakbeat hardcore but it was a 92 anthem set, a little disappointed as most of the sets in the main arena all night have been from this era. Tunes such a Let me be your fantasy, sweet harmony, far out. Finished the night with the prodigy's ultimate classic out of space.

The Cloakroom didn't take too long, but getting out of the venue took ages.

Well it was a good night good atmosphere. Good vibe, but of course this venue is going to be compared against the Que club no matter what. There were some teething problems which addressed properly will hopefully sort its self out at the next event at the sanctuary. Gutted that there weren't an oldskool happy set to break the night up.

Well job well done under the circumstances nuff respect to Mo and Jimmy, shouts to Lenni, Storm, Whizzkid, Fearless, Sharkey, Sy and Unknown, Nicky Blackmarket, Seduction and Robbie dee, Of course the ravers, Xlr-8, Sub-Zero, Astro, Chedda, Leanne, plus many face's that I've forget but don't know your names, but for some reason you know mine....

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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