New Year's Eve 2002/3
The Que Club

With the building work being delayed to the Que club, once again its time to return to the Que club to celebrate New Years Eve in style.
Got to the Que club later than usual to be greeted with relatively small Que. Quick search and I was in.

Headed straight to the main arena to be greeted to the sounds of DJ's Glenn Aston and Nexus. Both playing a 89-91 set, The main arena was decorated head to toe, large inflatable's held from the ceiling along with a net of balloons which is guessed were to be released come 12, there was a video screen which had the DJ line-up and DJ's set on screen to keep in check as the line-up times disappeared quickly around the venue.

The main arena wasn't so busy when I entered, it seemed all the ravers headed straight to the jungle room hosted by broken mindz.
This room was decorated quite well with the broken mindz logos inflated at the back of the room, which looked kind of neat.

DJ Vytol was on playing the techy stuff found on virus. This room was rammed consistently throughout the evening. Headed back to the main arena and to see man parris on the mic hearing tunes such as LFO, also nexus's remix of the classic edge 1 which went down quite well with the crowd.

Mistress mo was up next in here, playing 91-92 including xenophobia rush in the house, I didn't stay in the main arena for much of Mo's set as Vytol was accompanied with the man they call IC3. IC3 was tearing up the drum and bass room he really knows how to rock the party really well, he even decided to get off the stage and boogie down with the ravers and mc, top bloke!!

Back to the main arena and non other than the hardcore godfather was up DJ Slipmatt this was probably one of the best sets played tonight. Playing a 94-95 set including tunes such as champion sound, hear me, complete darkness also Slipmatt's remix of DJ seductions on my own. This set was amazing the crowd were really up for it as it was the last set of 2002. Man Parris was on form during this set, which was quite surprising.

It's that time the countdown, was held by Lenni and Altern-8 played frequency to greet 2003. This was a DJ set with break-dancers who were amazing to watch. Playing a couple of Altern-8 classics also the famous living in darkness, final conflict. Well like I guessed come 12 the balloons fell down, the countdown was greeted on the massive video screen.

In the drum and bass room formations very own DJSS was on playing the new remix of midnight, shake your body, the nine to name a few plus a tune that has a dark rolling bass line which he always plays yet I don't know!! MC'in was MC Fila.

Back in the main arena and Nicky Blackmarket was up playing 94-95 mixture of drumnbass and hardcore including renegade snares, spiritual aura, champion sound suburban base follow me up and down town and the slammin vinyl version of ganja man.
Nicky only seemed to have played a short set as I think he was running late straight after him was Kenny Ken.

Welcome Kenny "mix and blend" Ken, it was a bit odd as he started playing oldskool hardcore then stepped up the gear with the jungle rinse out as we was entertained with Lenni and Fearless. Kenny played an awesome set playing the classic burial, his set reminded me of what he played back in June 2000 more of ragga style as he dropped fire which is a heavy tune!!!!

Pilgrim was up next but I headed to the unification room to the sounds of DJ Vibes and he accompanied by MC Junior!! Which was a big shock, as I've not seen him since helter skelter millennium. Vibes didn't play upfront more of an oldskool set which I have would thought that it would go down well in the main arena.

In the drumnbass room DJ energy was on with Kool-fm's Biggie but I was waiting for hype, come 4:30 it looks like that he hasn't bothered turning up so back to the main arena to hear Ratty and Lenni. Ratty played an ok set playing a drumnbass classic from the V camp It's a jazz thing, which is a heavy tune!!

Well Ratpack were on next playing new tunes, Everson dedicated the set to lip master mark's mum. Laying new remixes of Sweet harmony with the vocals from promise land on top. Played alien eye tune which is amazing then finished with a remix of lord of the null lines, the famous searchin for my rizla was to be played but security made sure that it didn't get played and stopping the tune as it dropped.

I quickly headed into the drumnbass room and broken mindz promoter was on playing turbulence he had MC Jaff MC'in for him which he sounds quite good. Well it came that time to go home.
Well the Que club looks like to be opened for a couple of months as there are some good raves coming up including slammin vinyl, Atomic jam both in February and of course flashback in march.

All in all was good night nice vibes and friendly atmosphere that you want from a new years rave. Anyway big shouts to Mistress Mo and Jimmy for putting on a wicked end of year party, Lenni, Fearless, Slipmatt, Lime, Man Parris, Glenn Aston and Nexus, IC3, Vibes and Junior and of course the raving people Ed, Xlr-8, Trevor Jamie Lorna, Reg, Astro, Scotty, infamous D, Natalie and everyone else that I know but forgotten your names.
See ya soon and Happy New year.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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