The Que Club
7th October 2000

Well what can I say about flashback, over the year they have now established themselves and put oldskool on the map going strong for 4 years. It's been a year since my first flashback and it has definitely changed. The production that went in to the night was 2nd to none. The lighting, lasers and the video screen were awesome there was some scaffolding in the centre of the arena and the arena was draped with slammin vinyl boarders all over was really nice to see this type of production used.

First up was pilgrim playing some old skool house started the night up no mc at this stage but the place was filling up by the time the Mistress mo stepped up on the wheels of steels the place was full to capacity. Classic oldskool hardcore anthems with some underground tunes which i've not heard for ages including pandemonium from the prodigy boys !

Back on the 1210's was pilgrim played some oldskool hardcore then mixed it up with the jungle and what an entrance by the original detonator ROBBIE DEE he got the ravers hyper with WAZZZ UPPP!!
Well out of retirement and up next was seduction he played some of the early happy classics and of course some old skool classics loved his set welcome back seduction!

Missed the PA from ratty and tango not a big fan of themso i dont think i missed to much, but next up was Kenny Ken with the MC quartet of Lenni, Robbie Dee, the original badbwoy BASSMAN and Long John. Kenny ken got the place bouncing and jumping with the junglistic classics with including the terrorist and of course the lighter.
The reason slammin vinyl were here well it was to promote there new album featuring Ellis Dee + SY. Ellis Dee started with hardcore finished hardcore but with the jungle select in between but what a stomper.

This was a rave not to have missed flashback the standard has been set and I would want to see them getting bigger and better. Ever since Skelter's gone there's been a gap in the raving scene well this seem to replaced it and what a good job they have done with awesome lineup's and production like this you can't miss a flashback!

Well keep it going mo and jimmy looking forward to see the arrival of some break beat hardcore at the next one see ya there.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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