5th B'day party
The Que Club
27th October 2001

Bomb Scare

Seriously that's what happened tonight well not @ flashback but on corporation st. there was a bomb scare near the square peg so that section of corperation st was closed off . So we had to walk round the back of the courts to get to the Que club. There was quite a bit of a queue building up at the club. Being Flashback's 5th b'day this event sold out from Tuesday. The touts were out in force but I couldn't believe the prices they were charging £50 yes that's right £50. I couldn't believe it. I know the touts may make normally a fiver but not £50 from a flashback ticket that's disgusting!! People just thought fuck it I'm going home well I don't blame them but then buy your tickets early!!!

It was my 21st birthday the other day so tonight was my birthday party!!!
We got inside for about 9:30 a nice quick and brief search and then off to the main arena!!!

WOW nice big inflatable's and also 2 large video screens the sound system was banging you could feel the doors vibrating. The robot dancers on stage with their lasers were wicked. The main arena wasn't busy at the start. Glenn Aston was on, he was playing some wicked tunes but people weren't really dancing in the main arena. Even though he played some wicked tunes infiltrate 202, LFO, I want you (forever). I wandered were the hell is everyone I went in to the techno room no one was there and I found everyone the Drum'n'Bass room was rammed it was busy as hell. Pace was on first in there he was rinsing it out I couldn't help myself and just shock out. Mampi Swift was on next in here. He really got the party going playing some wicked tunes he played the snapshot remix and also the 72 bass. People were just going mad. Especially to the smoke machine at the front, the strobes were wicked at the front. I've never seen this room busy this early before.

I sneaked around during Mampi swift and checked out how the main room was doing. Well Mistress Mo was on the main arena started to get livelier in here now. I had to go back to the jungle room coz up next was the one and only Nicky Blackmarket. He killed it the room split in pieces he started off with the classic renegade but the new remix which I reckon is dark, he played police helicopter tune ( I love my ragga style jungle) he finished off with some old '97 ragga jungle tune which I think is on Congo natty but I cant remember the name it has the bit a'la mercy yeah( you know it if youve got the NRG'97 tapepack as he starts his set with that). After Nicky blackmarket I think it was time to chill out for a bit.
I missed the Mark EG - M-zone Experience in the main arena. I heard it was old techno but not hard techno. Too be honest I don't like techno so I wasn't really fussed that I missed this set. It was nice to see so many faces here tonight. In the chill out room they were playing the old flashback videos from this year. I caught the end of mark eg Robbie Dee was mcin it seemed like a Loftgroover set in the main arena, this bloke is a nutter, after him was Pilgrim.

He played a wicked set it felt like a happy set all the oldskool anthems. Started off with the classic SL2 on a ragga tip, moved onto the prodigy Ruff in the jungle and also panic, force mass motion. During his set they released the birthday balloons on to the dance floor, which was kind of cool. As it was there party anyone got any ice cream and jelly??? On with the night, well after Pilgrim was Ratty he played a dark style set really touching the jungle style side stuff like the horn track but just oldskool. We sat our selves at the very back to watch this set it was wicked because you could see the whole dance floor and everyone just dancing it was an amazing view.

I thought i'd check out the jungle room and I think it was Jumping Jack but I cant remember but I know he played this really funky tune called shake it it's by shy fx and its wicked kind of funky vocal jungle, he also played body rock tune!!!!! On next was Sy but in the techno room which to be honest is too small, for the main man. As he was playing at hardcore heaven in Bristol this was the only time he could play. As Grooverider was on at the same time. I danced to Sy but it was getting to hot so I thought fuck it off to the main room.

Grooverider was amazing he played a different style compared to his set in June. A more classic jungle set he, played arsonist, pulp fiction, burial and tune of all tunes for the jungle massive incredible ft gen. Levy. Lenni was just ripping the mic cheers for the shouts.

Last but not least the Ratpack. Well every where they go they just know how to entertain the people don't they? All the classics were played but some of them remixed to what they call new skool breaks but maybe you or me call it garage. I'm not a big fan of garage, but its something new and respect for them trying something different. They played the classic searchin for my rizla, captain of ship and also they played Papa New Guinea, which I haven't heard for ages played at a rave.

Well the clocks went back I asked mo if we could have an extra hour raving but they didn't because of security. Lipmaster mark well we now know why he is called Lipmaster. He beat boxed on the mic and it was amazing mouth scratching and all that.

Well what can I say? Unbelievable I can't wait for the 10th flashback b'day. Big shouts to Ed, Matt, Wilson, Damien, Jess, Damo, Jon, Loz, Karris (cheers for the card), Astro, Jody, Penn, Keith, Birmingham Junglettes, Mistress Mo, Jimmy, Lenni. And everyone else whose name I don't know but I know your face.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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