The Que Club

Saturday 8th September 2001

Jesus O'Lord a mercy
Being a regular at this event for nearly 2 years what a shock/surprise I had from this evening's entertainment.
I got to the club for my usual time for 8'ish and were the queue?? I thought I had came on the wrong night but double-checked my ticket and yes it said clearly 08.09.01 Flashback @ the que club.

Well I headed back to the square peg to meet up with ed due to the trains messing up. Well we stayed in there to see if there were any flashback stray's inside. Well we headed back @ 9:15 and then bam there was all these ravers there from no-were. Well queuing didn't take too long, some new faces in the queue I hadn't met before.
Well we got into the Que club for 9:40ish well its only 10mins so I wasn't bothered to be honest.

WOW that all I had to say about the main arena they well and truly kitted out the main arena. We saw the return of the Video screens, plenty of UV lights as well. Lots of inflatables the decorations around the arena with murals like tribal work looked really neat. Well we can tell that the altern-8 were I the house as either side of the stage we had massive cutout's in fluorescent yellow either side an "A" and an "8".
I really like to see a lot of production going into for big events you can tell that this night was going to get better.

Up first was pilgrim his set was really good normally warm up sets well that don't really get me going proper but this set was really bouncy I just couldn't help myself apart from just to bounce.

Next up was tango playing some really dark hardcore, which sometimes is not my cup of tea. What I also like when they have the video screens up you know which dj is on plus also gives you time for the line-up for the evening. Well dj Vibes was up after tango so I went to the Drum'n'Bass arena to check up what was happening in the world of jungle. Well a tune by Andy c and Shimon and I really don't have to mention the name and this tune is getting played everywhere. Last week at Slammin nearly every dj played well tonight is not going to be no exception well if I have to tell you it's Body Rock off RAM. I really, love this tune coz it's not like drum'n'bass it makes you sway rather than nodding your head rather than brocking out. I heard this tune was getting released soon and may even enter the national charts all-good for drum'n'bass I hope.

Well back into the main arena and we seen the arrival of the Essex boys so u know the Vibes and Live-Lee show was ready for take off.
This set was electric you could tell live lee was really enjoying himself lot's of energy he was really enjoying himself. Vibes was playing a more late 94 - early 96 set I could tell this was a nice happy set, everyone I could see was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Listening to this set just made you think how come they don't make tunes like this anymore? When vibes was here in June it was a more break beat set rather than happy but this well I really enjoyed my self. I would to see this type of hardcore played more often @ the Que club as people really enjoy this come on Mo and jimmy Get some-one like Hixyy go on!!!

Well straight out of one set into the other there no time to stop to-night up next was ALTERN-8 I was not going to miss this for anything. I have waited nearly two years after missing there first appearance at flashback way back xmas of '99 I was not going to miss this. They had the some wicked break-dancers on the stage performance some wicked stunts. Introduced the legend's of oldskool altern-8 on the stage, Mark and Chris a.k.a. altern-8 were situated behind each board. They started the set off with move my body and well you couldn't dance as you just watched the break dancers on stage I was taken well back by there tricks it was electric. They played the famous "yeah check this next track out. You got to make some space watch ya bass bins bin I'm telling ya" the classic of the infiltrate 202. You could tell people were well impressed as vibes stayed behind with live-lee and mc Lenni's face was gob smacked by some of the break dancers stunts.
All the classics were played ranging from "Frequency" to "A D8 with Pleazure" to "Armageddon". The full -on-mask hysteria was on show here tonight.

This really marked another memorable night for me in flashback's 4-year history.
Straight out of the altern-8 into the king of the beats no other than Sir Michael Finn. He played all the flashback jump up classics ranging from the famous bad ass to fugee or not? This set was wicked but not much different from his set in February to be honest it was a good set but the same tunes from Feb, but in a different order this time round. This is no criticism to Mickey Finn but it would be nice that as flashback's music policy for the main arena is for tune mainly to be played from 94-95 drum'n'bass I really would like to hear more stuff from 97 or even early 98 tunes like warhead, shadow boxing etc. but u still couldn't complain when he dropped the famous Congo Natty track a stormer with the jungle head's Champion DJ.

Well next up was the flashback resident / co-promoter Mistress Mo she played a dirty banging hardcore set that I've never heard her play before this was really banging you just didn't have time to stop this set was amazing I never knew she could be capable to play this kind a stuff it really went down with the crowd. This was also the first time I have seen mc Ribzz at the Que club he was really getting into it hyping up the crowd with his own particular style.
She played some wicked tune like the xenophobia rush in the house, vengeance by DMS the ravers was really stomping to this set. Mo warned me earlier in the evening of what she was going to play I was really taken back by this set.

Last set of the night the godfather of hardcore DJ Slipmatt this dj can never go wrong playing tune after tune just kept the crowd raving till the early hours of Sunday playing all the Rave anthems from Baby D to the prodigy he played wind it up which I have not heard played at a rave for quite a long time. Glad to see the record in Slipmatt's record box. This set was kind of different from that of last week he played a classic which got stopped mc lenni raving on the dance floor and jumped on stage to get the rewind think it's called Take it Easy by shut up and dance. Well the night ended with the famous SL2 on a ragga tip but hey we got one extra tune and then a further tune.

After the fiasco of last week with Slammin security the Que club security seem to be sound just more down to earth compared to the gorillas of the sanctuary. Well I had to say this has been one of my favourite flashbacks since joining the flashback following some nearly two years ago

Many thanx and big shouts to Ed, XLR8, Wilson, Birmingham Junglettes, Andy, Mistress Mo , Jimmy, Lenni, Will, Vibes, Live-Lee, Slipmatt, Karris, Richard P, Astro,Tammy and all the nutterz that I don't your names but know your faces.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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