End of an era
The Que Club
7th September 2002

Good Bye

Well ever since mid June with the rumours building around the Que clubs future in doubt well it was officially confirmed that the Que club was to be no more and to be turned in luxury apartments.
The line-up on its own was amazing but this being the last ever event at the Que was that touch little extra. What a better way than to sail out, than to give the Que club a night to remember with a flashback party.

The event has been sold out a week before the event and people still turned up looking for tickets and people parting from £30 up to £130 for a ticket and to be part of the last ever party at the Que club at any cost.
Arriving just after 9 the queue was already building up with the anticipation of the night was it going to live to the hype?? Answer YES!!! It did.

Walking into the main arena being decked out from top to bottom with flashback throwing out all the stops to make this a party to remember. The visual were incredible strobes, laser's the lighting was top notch. The video screens panning the crowd and with the PA tonight, the stage was equipped with keyboards and mic's, the speaker stack's were huge and booming to full effect.

Up first was flashback's very own mistress mo playing a selection from 91 getting the crowd going playing some incredible tunes to get the party in full swing including the prodigy's pandemonium also the Mary poppins a spoon full of sugar and rebel mc's tribal base, mc Storm turned up about mid way through Mo's set she finished the set with the jaws tune which I don't think I've heard since the 3rd birthday back in 99.

Pilgrim was up next playing a more anthem set ranging from 92 to early 93 including SL2's ragga tip with just got the ravers singing in unison, along with out of space, I feel this way, ganja man the main arena was buzzing Storm was later accompanied by MC Ribbz and Lenni. As Lenni arrived you could see the crowd go mental as he himself knowing that this was going to be the last night that he'll be performing at his home Que club.

I thought I'd have a check out of the other arena's and the Drum and bass room with in full swing Mistress Mo was up along with MC fearless this was the first time that they decided to introduce mc's the Drum and bass room and Fearless did an amazing job. Mo played the new remix of F.S.O.L Papa New Guinea. The room was extremely hot but the vibes inside were tremendous, Mo ended the set with messiah konflict. Nicky Blackmarket was up next starting with the mo' fire tune featuring mc navigator.

As Nicky Blackmarket was a bit late I had unfortunately missed the PA.
Back to the main arena and Top buzz (aka Jason Kaye) Lenni was on the mic the main arena was rammed to the rafters with tunes such as dj's unite, music it take you with vocal mix from seal, champion sound, helicopter it was mixed cross set 92-94.

Well the set that I was waiting for Dougal and Storm, Dougal starting off with music then onto playing jimmy j's six days, 95 style (which is a tune!!!) triple j's have it all. It was amazing to see the sea of hands in the air during Higher Love as this crowd was very euphoric from the happy hardcore the 94-97 set was good as it's my oldskool for I truly love and miss. Dougal ended the set with a force and styles classic field of dreams!!

On with the show Mickey Finn and MC Lenni WOW!! That's all I got to say Mickey Finn and Lenni one of my favourite DJ/MC combinations starting of with the urban takeover Mickey Finn dub remix of Luniz I got 5 onit, onto ready or not, bad ass, pulp fiction including the classic ragga jungle tune from the congo natty crew champion Dj and ended the set with dj's krust's warhead.

The penultimate set at the Que was from no other than Slipmatt lime and jay j aka SL2 crew playing a regular SL2 set Expansions move you body, wind it up, rabbit city's beyond control but it was nice to hear alien eye found a café the tune with the bomb scare riff, pvd vocal's from found a angel and ends with café del mar energy 52.

Well the last hour had come to us with this set being a bit special as if your on the mailing list you the raver had the option of voting for the tunes to be played during this set with the votes cast this set was bit special as it had the whole spectrum from the oldskool hardcore raves scene, happy, oldskool and jungle. Well what Dj could it be than no other than the scratch master SY this was the last time to hear lighter, pulp fiction, shooting star all at the Que club the last ever tune to be heard was liquid's sweet harmony.

It was an emotional night knowing that the Que club would be no more after this night. Well I've had a wicked 3 years at the Que club it's going to be a shame to see this unique venue disappear from my doorstep. As it makes a notch in the u.k's raving history.

With flashback now moving on to new pastures the sanctuary will it live to the great expectations that the Que club has left behind?
Only one-way to find out flashback's 6th Birthday…

Massive shouts to Mo and Jimmy for putting on a great party, Also for all the other parties at the Que club for 3 years that I've been at the Que club. Big up to the MC Lenni for putting on an amazing show along with MC Storm, Sy, Dougal, Pilgrim, Fearless and Will.

Of course the party people Ed, Xlr-8, Wookie, Marcus, Trev, Jamie, Karris, Astro, Scotty, Vicky, Chedda, Marky, Cris-e-Manic, Wildcard, Nat, Zoe + Collete plus the raver's who I've forgotten but don't know your names but for some reason you know mine.

Xtra-C saying a final farewell to the Que club See ya.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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