The Fruit Club presents:
‘In To Orbit’
Brunel rooms
Saturday 22nd April 2006

Tonight for the first time in Fruit Club’s 12 year history they presented an event on a Saturday night at the Brunel rooms.

We arrived in Swindon just after 10.30 having parked up in the nearby shopping precinct we made our way to the venue. There was no queue outside the venue and walked straight in.

Headed for the 2nd arena and DJ Johna was on, it was quite busy in the oldskool arena which looked promising especially considering how empty it was in here at the last months Fruit Club. Johna was playing a 96-97 hardcore set plenty of bouncy and vocally tunes such as ‘I believed’, ‘Time after time’, ‘Set you free’ he also played ‘Rap of the psychopath’ a bit of a rare tune which got all the crowd bouncing awesome stuff!

What I noticed in the 2nd arena was that the sound system was cranked up a notch compared to normal. We wandered off to the main arena and DJ Fastrack was on, Fastrack wasn’t on the original line-up but having made an impression at the previous event he was called up again for tonight’s event.

The main arena wasn’t busy as normal but still plenty of ravers in here, the main room was decked out with a space theme with murals of the milky way dotted around the stage.
Fastrack was joined by MC Sharkey on the mic, Sharkey was amusing calling everyone at the back of the arena to make there way to the front. Fastrack played ‘Crazy love’, ’Rock ya hardcore’ and ‘Cold as ice’. Half way through the set Sharkey managed to get everyone in the rave to sit down on the floor, rule one never listen to MC Sharkey!

Headed downstairs in time for resident DJ’s Faydz and Shaggy playing a Dreamscape classics set, plenty of yesteryears tunes being. Faydz and Shaggy played ‘On my own’, ’Breakin free’ and ‘Time of our lives’. MC Brookzy was MCing for this set hyping up the crowd was a bit of a difficult job as the number of people in the oldskool arena dwindle.

Back upstairs and caught the end of DJ Fastrack’s set he finished with a tune similar to that of Tango’s ‘Can’t stop the rush’ sampling the Alton towers theme. Raver Baby’s DJ Styles was on next.

Styles started off with the new ‘Fly with you’ remix. Styles continued to play plenty of Raver Baby track as Styles played ‘Rockin with the best’, ‘Sound with out a name’ he also teased in the pendulum remix of ‘Voodoo people’. Styles continued to played ‘I need u’ which features MC Junior on the vocals, great to hear Junior back on vocals.

MC Rude was on the mic for this set hyping up the crowd, he was getting the crowd involved with his lyrics moving form left to right of the stage. The main arena was quite busy at this point total contrast to when we first arrived at the venue. Styles ended his set with the new ‘Skydivin’ remix which went down really well.

After DJ Styles it was the turn of Sharkey up on the decks rather than on the mic like before hand. At the same time DJ Dougal was meant to have been on playing an oldskool set but unfortunately he was not to make an appearance downstairs. A majority of the ravers had made an exodus for the oldskool arena at this time expecting Dougal to be on but they were unfortunately left disappointed.

Seeing that Dougal was not to play tonight I headed back upstairs for Sharkey, MC Scottie B was MCin for his set. To be honest I’m not a massive fan of freeform though he did play quite numerous breakbeat style tracks which got the crowd brocking out!

Near the end of his set saw the arrival of Whizzkid MC, Sharkey finished with a new remix of a ‘96 classic ‘U r everything’. Time for DJ Breeze, this was a impressive set from the Raver Baby DJ right from the word go!

Breeze started the set with John B’s monster killer off Metalheadz ‘Up all night’ an awesome drum and bass track whilst playing the vocal off ‘Heartbeatz’ over it, which I thought went down really well. Whizzkid was on the mic hyping up the crowd as usual, fresh from his booking in Nuneaton. Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd with his lyrics and doing his beat boxing I guess he’s been listening to Razhel recently!

Breeze played plenty of tunage from the Raver Baby label with him dropping ‘This life’, ‘Connections’ ‘24-7’ remix and ‘Love comes’ along with a few forthcoming releases.

Penultimate set of the night came from Maximum Impacts very own DJ Seduction, Seduction was playing tunes off his Maximum Impact label along with tunes off various labels. Seduction opened his set with ‘Skydivin’ remix, and continued to play ‘Played ‘n’ Made’, ‘Gonna take you high’ and ‘Tell me a story’.

Whizzkid was joined by oldskool legend Robbie Dee on the mic, tonight was Robbie Dee’s birthday and on his birthday celebrations he was out on the town in Swindon.
Robbie was immense on the mic to the upfront hardcore, his flow was wicked as he did used to mc to hardcore up to 98 but concentrated on oldskool, he has since mc’ed to the odd oldskool 94-97 hardcore set here and there. Robbie still hasn’t lost his touch to mc to today’s modern hardcore, I was definitely impressed!

At this point we decided to leave, unfortunately missing most of DJ Sy and Storm.

The atmosphere tonight was brilliant but it was a really shame that there was a lower turn out than expected especially with tonight being on a Saturday night. I guess it didn’t help with tonight being stuck in between two bank holidays. Also that in a few weeks time Raver Baby is to arrive at the Brunel room’s too.

Massive shouts to Zoë, Rude and the Fruit Club crew, Storm, Whizzkid, Breeze, Styles, Sy, Robbie Dee, Sharkey, Faydz, Brookzy, and Ben.

Big Respects to Shaun, John Buzz-B, Gillian, Gareth, Heffers, Claire and Abi, Maggie, Turkish, Andy Sykee, Andrea, John McGuiness, Sara, Emma, Nick, James, Sharl and Gemma, Jacquie, Jonny G and to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007