The Fruit Club
The Final Frontier
The Brunel Rooms
12th August 2005

It's been along time since my last visit to the Fruit club here in Swindon at the Brunel rooms.

We arrived in Swindon just after 10 having parked up at the back entrance of the club we headed to the club. There was a sizeable queue with many eager ravers waiting to get in. We decided to headed off into Swindon town for a few pre drinks before going to club.

After a few drinks we headed back to the club and there was no queue, on arrival at the club we was given a card with all of tonight set times which came in handy. After confirming our guest list and a brief search we were in.

Headed directly upstairs to the main arena and DJ Seduction had kicked things off already, with MC Storm rocking the party in here. The front of the dance floor was busy with many people having it. The walls on the club were covered in UV murals and there were some aliens floating above the stage.

Seduction and Storm had the party in full flow, with Storm coaxing the crowd. Storm was using some new lyrics along with his classics. Seduction was showcasing material off his Maximum impact label. Seduction played a good set he dropped a few remixes of some old skool classics as he played 'Raving im raving', 'Let me be your fantasy' and 'Dominator'.

After Seduction it was the turn of DJ Gammer alongside Fruit Clubs very own MC, MC Rude. During this set I had a quick wander to the rotating bar, it's quite mad with it swirling around as it does. Back to the music and Rude was keeping the party rocking I noticed he was also showcasing some new lyrics that he's been working on. Gammer played ' In your Life', 'All about you', 'Into the future' and 'Panic remix'. Gammer also played 'Free at last', which features MC Whizzkid, as Whizzkid was already here he got on stage to perform the lyrics and handed the mic back to Rude..

After Gamer it was the turn of Raver Baby's DJ Styles alongside the MC duo of Storm and Whizzkid. Styles played an breath-taking set lots of vocally and uplifting tunes from him. Styles started the set with 'Dark like Vader' continued to play 'Sound without a name', 'Getting better' and 'Slide away'.

Storm and Whizzkid were rocking the crowd rolling off each other's lyrics and getting plenty of crowd noise! Great seeing these pair up here great mates that they are and definitely the crowd's favourites. Though come this October's Hardcore Heaven awards who will be the ravers choice???

Styles played some new material very vocally stuff luckily I was able to get a few id's off the main man himself too. These tunes are definitely worth looking out for in the near future ' Save me' and 'Whenever' big tunes with massive vocals! Styles finished the set with ' I will be'.

Next up was supposed to have been Hixxy and Re-Con back to back, but unfortunately they both couldn't make tonight. So DJ SY replaced them and what a great set he played, Storm was mcing for him. These two have been working together for so many years it's untrue, yet they know how to rock the party.

Sy played 'Rock ya hardcore', 'Cry',' Hold me forever', 'Pacific Sun' remix, 'Look at all the ravers', 'Set you free' and 'Making me wanna dance'. I was expecting Sy to play plenty of stuff from Quosh though he played plenty of stuff from a range of labels tonight making an interesting set.

After Sy and Storm it was CLSM's Jon Doe with Wotsee. CLSM are known for playing their break beat hardcore. There were also some crazy characters with facemasks luring around during this set. Jon started the set with 'Time bomb' and 'Be happy'. At this point we decided to make our way home.

Was a great night defiantly worth the travel, it might not have been really busy but busy enough to conjure a great party atmosphere. Thought it was great to see many faces from different regions making the journey to the Brunel rooms tonight.

Atmosphere was class everyone having a great time and enjoying themselves. I was a bit disappointed with the cancellations of both Re-Con and Hixxy, as I was looking forward to their sets. Though Sy did a good job and a quality replacement anyway.
Set of the night for me has to be Styles, great set from him nice and uplifting and definitely euphoric.

Big shouts to Zoe + Rude and the Fruit club crew, Storm and Whizzkid, Sy, Styles, Seduction, Gammer, Wotssee, Dougal and Smiley

Respects to Shaun, Daz Rampant, Cat, Lucy, Lisa, Andy Legs, Sykee, Doug and the midlanders, Compassion, Jaffa Cakes, Friction, Compulsion, Overload from, Julie Delicious, Sarah, Rob from True Hardcore also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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