Fruit Club vs. Delerium
Dance Mania
Brunel Rooms, Swindon
16th July 2004

This was the first time that I've been to Swindon to visit the Brunel Rooms and I really didn't know what to expect. The Brunel rooms have been used to host Uproar with a few other promotions

Delerium was here tonight all the way from Bristol bringing their resident DJ's to play along side Fruit clubs own.

Having arrived into Swindon for after 9, we headed through Swindon's town centre. Walking past a few clubs predominately playing townie music we found a small pub that was blaring out some drum and bass and decided to have a few drinks in there seeing as Fruit club starts at 10.

After finishing off our drinks he headed towards the Brunel rooms, we were greeted with a reasonably sized queue. We didn't have to wait too long to get in, once we were in we decided to have a walk around the venue to gather our bearings.

Headed to the main arena, at the back of the arena was the DJ box. Deleriums, Reality and Compulsion were on. The dance floor at the front was quite spacious. Next to the DJ box was the stage for the dancers and a mural covering the back. In the middle of the arena was the bar, which I found out later actually rotates around the platform, quite mad!

After Compulsion and reality it was the turn of Raver Baby's very own Hixxy. Hixxy was playing a pumping upfront hardcore set, playing various tunes off the raver baby label with others thrown in. He played 'Chase' it's been quite along time since I heard this being played out alongside many upfront tunes such as 'Too late', 'New years day'.
The beat box MC, Whizzkid joined Hixxy for this set, hyping up the crowd. Hixxy finished up the set with 'Bass beats and melody', which went down a treat.

Well after Hixxy, Evolution Records, as voted by the ravers the number one DJ, Scott Brown come on. Scott played his usual style of hard pumping hardcore and then later played Gabba strictly for the headstrong!!

Next up was Uproar's very own DJ and MC team Rude and Seduction. He played a euphoric set playing 'Where's Your Head At', which I've not heard before but quite liked.

After Seduction it was time for the Ravers Choice and for some oldskool happy anthems from the one and only DJ Vibes. At this point I thought I'd check out down stairs as Nicky Blackmarket was on.

Nicky was playing a jungle anthems set which to be honest I now find quite uninteresting as I caught Nicky playing 'Champion sound', 'Incredible' and also 'Helicopter'. I like his mixing style but his tune selection was uninspiring.

Back to the Ravers choice, DJ Vibes and Whizzkid who was on mic duty, Vibes didn't seem to be mixing much. He played a bouncy happy 96 set playing a few favourites including 'Rave is a mystery', 'Techno wonderland' also 'Dreams' which has the Krusty the clown sample along with Paul Elstaks 'Rainbows' he also played'Take it from the groove' no 1 hettech for you train spotters out there!

After Vibes it was the turn of Essential platinum's DJ Dougal. Dougal played a very vocally upfront set with tunes such as 'Taking me higher', 'Too late' and 'Angel eyes', which got the crowd singing. At this point I noticed the numbers dwindle. As soon as the bar shut it seemed people started to leave. I didn't catch the name of the person MCing, but he appeared to be doing an alright job, though he couldn't keep the crowd dancing as they looked tired.

After Dougal Deleriums D-Ice was up next, at this point I decided to chill out for bit.
Half way through this set I just heard two magic words over the mic "Check Check" yep, the man like MC Storm was in the house. It was quite funny that soon as he was on the mic, people legs suddenly got some energy as folks on the sides were dancing. It just shows you what presence this guy has!

Well time for the final set of the night it was turn of the Ravers champions SY and Storm. Sy was playing a banging upfront set he played the new remix of 'Dreadland' also dropped 'Angel eyes' along with a number of unknowns.

Well I really enjoyed tonight as this was my first visit to the Brunel rooms and I liked the club, as it was quite plush. It was just a shame that there were quite a lot of townies here, so as soon as the bar closed the numbers started to decline. It was then obvious to found out who was hardcore and who wasn't.

Massive Shouts to Zoe at the Brunel rooms, 100% respect to Storm (I owe you one) nice one mate Whizzkid, Rude, Sy, Vibes, Hixxy and Ufo, Donovan Bad Boy Smith, Nicky Blackmarket and Seduction. Shouts to Shaun, Mervin, Charlie and James, Gamma, Cruze and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
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