The Fruit Club Presents:
Pirates of the Core
Brunel Rooms
Friday 24th March 2006

The Fruit club presented their final event on a Friday night as future events are now being moved to a Saturday night. Tonight’s night had a pirate theme to it, but I was very much interested in the line-up to be honest. Seeing as there was to be a 2 hour Raver Baby set featuring breeze and styles, this was something I weren’t gonna miss for sure !

We arrived at the Brunel rooms just after 11 and we were greeted by a short queue outside, with the security searching random people. I headed straight for the main arena and was annoyed to find DJ Lisa had just finished her set.

I headed downstairs and caught DJ Faydz playing an oldskool set with plenty of nu-skool tunes thrown in for good measure, it wasn’t busy in here compared to the main arena but the tunes were rocking in here. Faydz played ‘Such a feelin’, nu skool remix of Awesome 3’s ‘Don’t Go’, ‘Bombscare’ and The Prodigy’s ‘No good (Start the dance)’.

Headed back upstairs and Fastrack was still on with MC Scottie B, he was playing an upfront hardcore set featuring the Quosh remix of ‘Slide away’ and a new remix of Jimmy’s ‘6 days’. He started to play a fair bit of gabba near the end of his set. The main arena was filling up nicely by then.

The system in the arena was loud, the stage was decorated with various murals which were dotted around the club. DJ Seduction was on after DJ Fastrack, Seduciton was accompanied by MC Storm on the mic. Storm got the party rocking with the club being busy so early with numerous eager ravers here, setting the pace for the night’s entertainment. Seduction’s set featured plenty of upfront material across various labels as he dropped the new ‘Sky diving’ remix, ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Let me be your fantasy’.

Back downstairs and DJ Ramos with MC Knight were on down here paying some classic tune from the yesteryear. Ramos’s set featured plenty of classics including the Hectic’s first release ‘Crowd Control’ along with ‘Peoples party’ before ending his set with RSR’s ‘Life force generator’. This set was kind of hard for MC Knight to work the mic considering how empty this arena was but the oldskool master battled through like a true champion along with MC Chit Chat as they were going back to back.

Back upstairs and Seduction was finishing up, I was in time for Raver Baby’s DJ Breeze. Breeze had Fruits Club’s very own MC, MC Rude on the mic for the beginning of his set. Breeze played ‘Pull over’, ‘Fly with you’, ’Nessaja’ and ‘Never too late’. About 20 minutes into the set Rude passed the mic onto MC Storm, which also saw the arrival of Darren styles.

Breeze and Styles went back to back on the decks showcasing plenty of Raver Baby material which got the crowd rocking featuring plenty of tracks off the clubland album. The Raver Baby duo dropped ‘Sky divin’ remix, ‘Hardcore DJ’. On the satge accompanying MC Storm was Fruit Clubs very own sexy pirates, entertaining the ravers with their dance routines.

The Raver Baby showcase wouldn’t be complete without Whizzkid MC as he arrived better late than never eh? Storm and Whizzkid were the crowd MCing across the stage running back and fourth into the crowd and getting them to join in with their lyrics.

With MC’s Storm and Whizzkid on stage Breeze and styles played ‘Dark like vader’ and ‘Nightmare’ giving the opportunity for the MC² duo to perform a short PA. Breeze and styles ended their set with ‘Crash landing’, ‘24-7’,’Connections 2006’ a new remix of Triple J’s ‘Have it all’.

After the Raver Baby 2 hour marathon it was the turn of Scotland’s DJ Scott Brown. Scott never fails to disappoint as he started the set with hardcore, dropping tunes such as ‘This is how we do it’, ‘Taking drugs?’ and a few Evolution classics like ‘Fly with you’ and ‘Bring me round to love’. For the first half of his set MC Chit chat was doing the duties on the mic working the crowd very well.

Scott Brown switched styles and played gabba for the remainder of his set which got the crowd stomping playing the harder style of hardcore. Whizzkid mc’ed for the remainder of the set as Scott brown played ‘Break free’, ‘To you who doubt me’ and Tommy Knockers ’Twist’. Whizzkid was mad on the mic as he started doing some beat boxing and had a few robot voices to, Whizzkid aka ED209!

Final set of the night came from the Quosh trio of Sy, Unknown with MC Storm. Sy and unknown were showcasing plenty of stuff from Quosh along with anthems of the moment. They played ‘U r my fantasy’ featuring their own vocalist Lou lou, ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Bassfire’ featuring MC Storm. With the trio in the house you know there was going to be some three way scratching going on. Storm was keeping the ravers on their toes for the final 60 minutes.

Overall it was a good night but it wasn’t as busy as previous Fruit clubs I thought, especially seeing the 2nd arena, as this was virtually empty for most of the night. Quite a shame I thought as the DJ’s I caught down here were playing some banging sets! I do think with the weekender being on at the begging of the month and also Delirium was on people were a bit skint, as I had noticed a number of regulars were missing from tonight as well.

It’s good news to hear that future Fruit club events have moved to a Saturday, hopefully this will attract a lot more people from out of town being on a Saturday night giving them more time to travel to Swindon, rather than rushing down straight after work on a Friday night.

Big shouts to Zoë and Rude and the Fruit Club, Storm and Whizzkid, Breeze and Styles, Ramos and Knight, Sy and Unknown, Faydz, Seduction, Scott Brown, Flyin and Charmy (Happy b’day).

Big respects to Shaun, Leanne, Lisa, Sara, Arwin, Andy Legs, Turkish and Jo, Julie Delicious, Compulsion, John MCGuiness, John Buzz-B, Gillian, Izzy and the welsh crew, Clarie, Sara and her dancing sis, Olly Thumpa and Tansy, Jackie, hit Chat, the Caddy Bro’s, Danny Smivs’, Johnny G, Kev Pikey, Astraboy, Vapour and the rest of the USH. Net crew and everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007