Brunel rooms, Swindon

Tonight at the Brunel rooms in Swindon, Fruit Club presents in association with Slipback in Time and Jellybeanz, "DREAMLAND". Not only was it co-promoter and MC, MC Rude's birthday celebrations it was also DJ Vibes and MC Livelee's too.

My last visit to the Brunel rooms was back in the summer, with tonight's line-up it was definitely worth making anther visit, especially as I am a big fan of the Vibes and Livelee show!

It didn't take to long getting into Swindon, driving around the towns the one-way system didn't help. We headed for the venue and saw there was a number of eager people waiting to get in. They were handing out the evening set times on small pieces of card on entry which came in handy, after a brief search we were in.

Walking up the stairs we headed directly to the main arena. The production was slightly different to my last visit. There was a platform in front of the stage for the MC and dancers to perform on. At the back of the stage there was a day glow mural, which glowed under the clubs U.V. lights.

DJ Flyin was on the decks to get the party going, paying an upfront set. Flyin was accompanied by MC Charlie B, near the end of Flyin's set MC Whizzkid arrived to get things bubblin. Flyin ended his set with a remix of 'Come Follow Me'.

After DJ Flyin it was the turn of oldskool legend DJ Seduction accompanied by the birthday boy MC Rude. Seduction started the set with the remix of the Essential platinum classic 'Really Love You' which went down a treat!

I thought I'd go downstairs and check out the oldskool room, it was quite busy and the sound in here was really loud. It was billed that Slipmatt was to be on but in actual fact it was a name from the past, DJ Slam. I've never seen DJ Slam play out before so I really didn't know what to expect all I remember him for was his tunes that he made such as 'Coming on Strong' and a favourite of mine 'Til we Meet Again'. Charlie B was MCin for Slam, Slam was playing 92 tunes such as Jonny L's 'Hurt You So' and moved onto a jungle set. He dropped plenty of classic's which got the crowd wanting more with rumblers such as the Moving Shadow classic 'Helicopter' and the timeless classic from Omni trio 'Renegade Snares' along with other classics 'Champion Sound, 'It's The Way' which I've not head played out at a rave for some time he finished the set from Krome and Time -'The Licence'.

After DJ Slam it was the turn of DJ Slipmatt as it looked like they decided to swap sets. Slipmatt started his set with 92 anthems playing Bizarre Inc's 'Playing with Knives' and Awesome 3's 'Don't Go'. At this point I decided to leave the room and head to the Jellybeanz room.

The Jellybeanz room was a disappointment, it resembled more of a chill out room. The sound in here was well quiet, my bedroom stereo was louder than here! I felt a bit sorry for some of the up and coming DJ's playing here, a work man is nothing without his tools.

Heading back to the main arena and Essential platinum's very own DJ Dougal was on alongside Whizzkid MC. Whizzkid was hyping up the crowd getting crowd participation with his lyrics and beat boxing judging from the crowds reaction they seem to enjoying Whizzkid's performance. Dougal was playing a awesome upfront set playing plenty of tunes from his mix off the Bonkers 13 album. He played tunes such as 'Still the One', 'Xtreme' and 'The Theme'.

After Dougal it was the turn of 'The Boss' Raver Baby's DJ Hixxy alongside the other half of the MC² team MC Storm. Hixxy was playing a spanking upfront set with plenty of material off the Raver Baby label. During the set it seemed that Storm was having some problems with the mic as at times it would be quiet and then suddenly really loud which was a bit annoying. Though that did not stop him from hyping up the crowd as he does very well. Hixxy's tune selection was a bit different to what he played last week at Illusion as it was a lot of more new material as he played tunes such as 'Still the One',' The Theme', 'You're my Angel', 'Better than Life', 'Crazy Love', DJ Ham's 'Be Happy' which I'm really liking at the moment and he finished the set with a new remix of Adam Harris's 'Heavens Above'

After Hixxy it was the set I was most looking forward to 'The Vibes and Livelee Show' the last time I saw these two together was nearly a year ago at Flashback's 7th Birthday were Vibes played a 92-94 set. Though this time Vibes did not fail to impress me with his tune selection with Livelee as he played a classic 96-97 set. He started the set with 'The Rave Theme' moving onto 'Techno Wonderland' he did play 'Fires in the Skies' and moved back into the oldskool happy hardcore playing Paul Elstaks 'Rainbows', 'Hold me Now' and Bopkun's 'Dreams'. With Livelee on the mic it really made this set special as I really love my Vibes and Livelee sets. As well everyone knows Livelee's lyrics and there was plenty of people joining in with him. Its such a shame with him now living in Spain you don't get to see him often, so it's always worth checking these two together.

DJ Sharkey was on after Vibes I'm not a big fan off the free form, but some of the stuff he played had the London hardcore sound similar to the material on the raw elements label. I decided to sit out during this set, surrounding the club was large comfy settees to sit on.

It was time for the power hour featuring award winning DJ, DJ SY and MC Storm. SY was playing his distinctive Quosh set with plenty of upfront material. Well you know when it's the power there's no time for sitting down especially with Storm on the mic so be prepared for some verbal abuse on the mic if he catches you sitting down! SY played 'Making me Wanna Dance' which this tune certainly does make you and 'Be Happy' which got the crowd singing to.

Overall I really had a good night out in Swindon. Tonight's event attracted people from all over, I met people from London, Liverpool and my hometown of Birmingham as well. I think that they have a good night going on at Fruit Club, its such a shame that the number dwindle when the bar closes.
Set's of the night has to be Slam's jungle selection, Hixxy's upfront set and of course vibes oldskool happy hardcore. All wicked sets with plenty of rough tunes!

Massive shouts to Zoë for hosting a wicked night, Storm, Whizzkid, Rude happy birthday mate, Vibes and Livelee happy birthday guys have a good one, Seduction, Slipmatt, Slam, Charlie B and Sharkey

Also a massive shout to the ravers, Shaun, Charlie and James, Brian, Craig and Andy, Lisa, Astraboy, Jim and Jackie, Olly thumpa and Tansy, Jutt, Tony Res, the crew, Jellybeanz crew, all of the people you know who you are, and also to everyone else whose names I don't' know but faces I recognise.

Written by Xtra-C Flashbackin' & Rewindin'
© 2000-2007